Laundry/Dishwasher Filter

> Spun Fiber

Removes large particles such as sediments, rust and sand

> Activated Carbon

Removes smaller pollutants, chlorine and smells

For dishwasher and washing machine

After installation, you will see an instant improvement: first in the kitchen with cleaner dishes, and second with the laundry machine your clothes will be softer and untainted.

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Why to change the filters regularly?

Some companies change the filters for their clients every month. That is too frequent and not very necessary for most of families.

On the other hand, some other companies do the filter change every 6 months or even in a longer time. That’s too long that hard to secure the filtered water quality.

We not just run products, and we also do water tests. Through long time’s experiments and experiences, we realize to change the filters at 3 months’ intervals is better for clients. It’s in one way short enough to help ensure the effectiveness of the filters. In the other, the cost for maintaining the filters will be controlled better.

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