Drinking Water Purifier

> PP Fiber

Removes big sized particles​ like sand, rust and other sediments

> Imported Activated Carbon x 2

Removes chlorine, smells, bacteria and pesticides

> Reverse Osmosis Filter

Removes over 99% of tiny impurities down to 0.0001um including viruses and heavy metals

> Imported Activated Carbon

Adjusts the pH level of the water and improves the taste

Enjoy the best of filtration at home

Greenwave’s reverse osmosis system is one of the most advanced filtration systems on the market.

With BPA-free filters and imported reverse osmosis membrane, our system will make sure that you have the best quality water at home.

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Why to change the filters regularly?

Changing the filters after they are using too long will potentially get water polluted while changing them so often is a waste of money.

Based on the testing and service experiences we have, to change the filters every 2~3 months depending on usage will not just ensuring the filtered water quality in a good way, but also affecting users less.

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