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Drinking Water Solutions


The quality of drinking and cooking water is very important to us as it enters into our body directly. Consuming polluted water can potentially pose many different kinds of health risks. 

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is kind of filtration technology that can take away over 99% of measurable pollutants from tap water. Having a RO system installed in the kitchen to provide safe water for drinking and cooking will be a perfect way to protect the health of every member in the family!

The drinking system is usually installed underneath the kitchen sink. The purified water is connected to a new separate faucet on the sink, and it can also be connected to a refrigerator, ice maker or coffee machine if needed.

Drinking Water Solution.jpg
water cooler and heater_副本.jpg

If hot or cool drinking water is required, an instant water heater or cooler can be used along with the system to meet the needs.

Another good way to get hot or cool drinking water is to install the system together with a pipeline water dispenser.



Electricity supply required, under sink drainage setting needed, a hole at one corner of the kitchen sink needed.

Our new faucet is ideal to replace the initial kitchen faucet. The smaller one will supply purified water while the bigger will still provide tap water.

Customization Green.png


  • A leakage alarm should be used when there is no drainage on the floor nearby the installation place or when there is no strict water resistant separation between the living room and kitchen.

  • A pressure balancer might be needed if a pump is installed in the house, to prevent the crack of filter by water hammer.

  • The production rate of RO is quite low, so the purified water would be enough for drinking and cooking purposes only; it might not be enough for cleaning or other purposes.

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