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Behind the ticket-booking service
Greenwave wants to help customers needing flight tickets, making the booking easier, while optimizing the choices and saving the spending.

  • Over 20,000 families have been using Greenwave water/air filters in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other 50 cities in China for the past 12 years

  • Some customers find it hard to come back with no expecting flights or price due to the regulation

  • Greenwave has the resources to provide first hand tickets and tickets for hard-to-book flights.

You can choose Greenwave to: 


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Why is Greenwave better for you?

  • Safer option:


Greenwave has been in the communities for 12+ years now and consistently serving a lot of families and businesses during this time. You can rest assured the passport info and money submitted will be in safe hands.


  • More competitive prices and choices


Greenwave has first hand flights info and tickets. This will ensure you have the best possible price and more flights to choose from.


  • Great convenience


Greenwave can support all you need including water/ air filters, replacements, (de-)humidifiers, AC cleaning and disinfection, etc. in China, and now you don’t even need to bother checking for tickets, we will handle it as well!



  • Real peaceful mind


Greenwave team members speak your language, understand the procedures and policies, and will deliver a detailed update with all the aspects you care about once you confirm to book the flight ticket with us. It will be a reassuring journey for you to use our service.


How to book flight tickets with Greenwave?

  • Fill up a questionnaire to let us know the related info 

  • Receive proposing flights and price, ask us questions to get answers and updated info 

  • Do comparison, submit documents (1st page of the passport, vaccines taken, etc.) and pay as notified if choosing Greenwave.

  • Keep in touch with Greenwave and cooperate with us for the rest of the trip



We wish you a great time in your new destination

and a great flight!

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