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Water Filtration


If you are looking for water filtration solutions to bring your hotel to even higher levels, our customized solutions will help on reaching the top standards.

Flexible Alternatives


We provide different solutions for hotels wanting to install purified drinking water. ​

The first option is to install two parallel huge water treatment systems on top of the building.

We will need to make heavy modifications to the existing pipes, in order to suit your needs at the best of our ability. This system will direct the purified water to each rooms through the subsurface pipes, to provide all your clients with safe and clean drinking water!

The second option is to install a central water purifier in the equipment room of each floor. This solution is easier to install due to less modifications to the existing pipes, and we recommend it for hotels not undertaking renovation, as opposed to the one above.

Whole Building Installation

whole building water filtration

Whole Floor Installation

whole floor water filtration





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