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The Central Softener reduces dry skin and hair symptoms, protects indoor appliances, and uses an automatic re-generation function for user convenience.

Softer water throughout your home


Installed at the point of entry for tap water going into the house, the softener reduces the presence of  calcium, magnesium, and other hard particles to make water softer and reduce the detrimental effects they have on skin, hair, and indoor appliances.

> Ion-exchange Resin

Removes calcium and magnesium ions to soften water.

> Salt

Prolongs the lifetime of resin and ensures the softening effectiveness.

Softer water throughout your home

The Central Softener removes many of the hard elements that cause dry skin, brittle hair and damages to your home appliances, giving the best protection to your family.

Suitable for


Families with a central heating system and who want softer water; small factories, places with boilers.



The Greenwave Water Softener needs to add salt inside for a certain time to keep its effectiveness. Costs depend on the volume of the softener and the quantity of water used.


Alteration of pipes, electricity supply required, large space and drainage setting needed.

You can benefit from our customization service in case of any particular requirement or need.

Composed of Salt.

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