Water Solutions For Offices

Nowadays, a lot of companies are providing their employees with bottled water for drinking, which cases some logistic hassles and costs a lot in a long run.


Greenwave provides companies with healthier alternatives to bottled water -- Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems, helping them to get an easier and safer way of drinking water in the office.

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Regular Installation: The RO system is installed underneath the kitchen sink, with a small separate faucet on the sink to provide purified drinking water. The purified water can also be connected to a coffee machine or ice maker if needed.

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Special Situation #1: If hot or cool drinking water is required, an instant water heater or cooler can be installed along with the system to meet the needs.

Special Situation #2: If hot or cool drinking water is required, the system can also be used together with a standing on pipeline water dispenser or a wall-mounted dispenser to meet the needs.

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Special Situation #3: If the system can't be installed underneath the kitchen sink due to no enough space or other reasons, a special stainless steel water dispensers that have a built-in RO system can be applied, saving space and providing water in different temperatures.


Electricity supply required, under sink drainage setting needed, a hole at one corner of the kitchen sink needed.

We usually conduct a site visit and propose solutions based on the actual condition and needs. You can benefit from our customization service in case of any particular requirement.


  • Depending on the number of people using the water, the model of drinking purifier and capacity of dispenser will be different.

  • A leakage alarm and a customized waste water plate are suggested to be used in most of cases to prevent leakage issues.

  • A protection button can be added if required.

  • Greenwave also has solutions for offices to get WELL certification if required.

  • Except water solutions, Greenwave can also provide offices with one-stop air solutions if needed.

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