¥1,000,000 Clean Water Restaurant Vouchers Released!|百万现金餐券大派送!

Living in China’s biggest cities is great to discover lots of cultures through eating. From East-Asian to European, fascinating new tastes can travel to your mouth barely two streets away! At Greenwave, we are very happy to help you experiment with different venues through our Clean Water Restaurant program, and all this by celebrating clean purified water!



One million cash vouchers to support

Clean Water Restaurants

Due to the epidemic, many restaurants suffered a lot over the past half a year and are still trying to get back on their feet. As regular users of purified water for the drinking needs of their customers, restaurants are at the helm of providing clean water to as many families as possible, outside their home. Therefore, we really want to focus some efforts on helping them getting more exposure, and such an abundance of vouchers should definitely motivate everyone to visit them!

由于疫情的原因,很多餐厅在过去半年遭遇重挫,现在还在努力恢复中。使用我们净水净化服务的家庭用户也是众多纯净水餐厅的目标客户. 因此,我们真心希望能帮助这些餐厅获得更多展示机会,发放它们的现金券也是鼓励大家多多光顾和支持!

For Shanghai, we have about 700,000 cash vouchers for the 34 branded restaurants and bars. Some of them are chains. The vouchers could be used for any of their stores. For Beijing, we have about 300,000 cash vouchers. No matter which brand it is, we can guarantee that all the water served inside for any drinks and foods is totally purified. We know cleaner water is not only one of the specialties for them. Do take chances to visit.



Shenzhen gets access to vouchers now


For any clients in Shenzhen or other cities like Guangzhou who travels to Shenzhen time by time, it might be a good news that the vouchers could be available as well. The Latina and Alla Torre restaurants in Shenzhen will accept the use of the vouchers inside. We will start to provide vouchers for the residents in Shenzhen and Guangzhou for the 2 restaurants from now on.

对于深圳或居住在广州但经常去深圳的客户,有个好消息分享给大家。深圳LATINA餐厅和ALLA TORRE餐厅将接受目前发放的现金券。从现在开始,我们将开始为深圳和广州两地的用户提供2家餐厅的现金券。


What special for the cash vouchers?


Vouchers are exchanged by our profit from serving the restaurants with cleaner water and are totally different from the promotional ones issued by the restaurants. They could be used as a replacement of cash with no limitation toward the date, time, and quantity used at one time. No minimum spending in case of using the vouchers.


We give up profit from a lot of existent restaurants using our drinking water solutions by choosing vouchers. Now that is a choice for new restaurants as well, especially for these in Shanghai and Beijing. For these restaurants owners or professionals who want to use cleaner water from us while spending less or none with the vouchers, contact could be made first. With a certain evaluation quickly, we will decide if we will be able to support that way.


If you want any restaurants to start using cleaner water or try to understand more about what we do, please feel free to contact and let us know through wechat Greenwave666 or 13621935343 at any time.

如果你想让特定餐厅使用更健康的直饮水,或是想更多了解我们的净化方案与合作方式,请随时通过微信Greenwave666或者13621935343 联系我们。


How to get the cash vouchers?


All cash vouchers are valuable and we could not give them out for free for anyone, also we need to protect the interest of our clean water restaurants as much as we can and want to ensure the vouchers could be used mainly by the target clients of them. That said we will need to set a certain rules for sending them out. For now, we are mainly gifting them out to our clients and also the active followers.


Be a supporter for the project or a Greenwave client using our filters or services to get the vouchers. No matter for any water filters, air purifiers or filter replacements needed from us, we will return 20% of the spending from you in the form of the clean water restaurant vouchers for your favorite restaurants.


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