World Water Day: a worthwhile cause

World Water Day is a global event happening every 22nd of March, since 1993.

Created by the United Nations General Assembly, its main goal is to draw attention on various issues linked to water and its consumption. Various themes through the years have covered such problems as sustainable development, transboundary waters, water cooperation, water scarcity or water and energy.

Those various cases have encouraged water crisis awareness and global cooperation to take counter measures.

This event is the ideal stepping stone for many non-governmental organizations to promote their own activities with regards to environmental issues, as well as the opportunity for the UN to organize concrete actions all over the world, with the endorsement of their members.

The 2017 theme is “Wastewater”.

Wastewater is the term used to describe “any water that has been adversely affected in quality by anthropogenic influence”. Wastewater can come from various origins, such as domestic places, industries, agricultural activities or sewer inflow. It is necessary to treat wastewater in order to be able to reuse it.

Most of the water used today in cities is sent back to nature directly, without any treatment. This leads to an increase in general pollution of our most valuable resource. It is therefore an important issue to be tackled, for an improved wastewater management will be synonym of improved health, food security and overall development.

Wastewater treatment is a key element in the water cycle, for effectively making used and dirty water usable or drinkable again will lead to a gigantic improvement in tackling the water crisis problem.

The reuse of wastewater is called water reclamation, and is subject to many regulations. Depending on its uses, there will be various requirements for either ocean disposal or reuse, and it may occur in many instances that various entities will be involved in the decision.

For example, two bordering countries sharing a common river will have to submit themselves to international regulations in order for both to get satisfying results.

This shows perfectly why an event such as World Water Day is essential to our environment’s future. A global cooperation to tackle a global issue will evolve in a global improvement and sustainability.

It is not a mere coincidence that this special day is valuable to our eyes.

In fact, Greenwave China was created on the 22nd of March 2010. This acts as both a symbol of our constant search for a better access to safe water, and a reminder of the long road ahead of us. While getting access to clean water may seem normal in many developed countries, it is still a struggle in many parts of the world, and we intend to fight and work hard for this goal’s achievement.

If taking part in a global event for a better future interests you, do not hesitate to check the OFFICIAL WORLD WATER DAY WEBSITE!


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