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What are the harmful substances contained in unfiltered Shanghai water?

Shanghai tap Water is considered as relatively safe. In the past years, the water quality improved significantly due to several reasons: the change of water supplies (before it was only from the Huangpu River, now the water is mostly coming from the Yangtze River, a safer water source); the water treatment facilities have been upgraded (with the closing of several factories along the Huangpu River, the level of TDS Total Dissolved Solid determining minerals such as heavy metals into to water changed from 580mg/L in 2008 to 200mg/L in 2014); the testing standards have also been upgraded due to Third party tests regulations and the authorities increased the testing subjects from 56 to 106 elements in 2012 equivalent to international standards.

Nonetheless, unfiltered water in Shanghai still contains immeasurable and measurable pollutants, which can be harmful for health. Chlorine and hard water – provoked by high concentration of Calcium and Magnesium – are considered as immeasurable pollutants, which could have bad effects on your health. Both are harmful especially for your skin, eyes and hair conditions, present mainly in your shower and faucet water. Hard water can also damage your clothes in the laundry machine and leave sediments on your dishes. Particles such as sand, bacteria, virus or heavy metals are also present in the water as measurable pollutants and can be harmful if you want to drink the water directly from the tap. Health consequences can be really considerable due to the high concentration of toxic particles, thus drinking tap water in Shanghai is truly not recommended.


Are there any long term effects on skin, hair, etc. from not having a shower filter?

Let’s compare Shanghai Water with swimming pool water; both have high concentration of Chlorine which can in a long term damage your hair and skin conditions. Indeed, in order to kill bacteria and avoid germs proliferation, Chinese Authorities keep the level of Chlorine really high for safety reasons. By sterilizing the water, Chlorine has the bad effect to harm skin, eyes and hair provoking dry-skin, hair loses and irritation.

Shanghai water is also considered as hard water: there is a high concentration of minerals especially Calcium and Magnesium. After many washing, minerals dissolved in the hard water create a scaly film on the hair. This prevents the moisture from entering the hair. The result is dry, dull and strange colored hair. For sensitive persons, having hair problems, eczema and other hard water related conditions, this situation is hardly bearable everyday in Shanghai.


What are our solutions?

Greenwave recommends its clients to use shower filters such as ClearFall and ShowerKing in order to remove the Chlorine. Combined with the action of Activated Carbon or Vitamin C, the water will soften thanks to the effect of Tourmaline present in the filters. For bathroom sinks and bathtub taps, our WaterBaby filter has similar function and provides our clients a better water quality.

For the kitchen, both drinking water and Ozone solutions can be installed.

The drinking water solution is composed of several stages of filters to capture the pollutants present in the tap water. One of the components used in these filters is the PP-fiber proposed by most of the filters brands on the market which can removed most of the large particles such as the rust or sand residues. The other effective filter is the activated carbon (AC) that is able to capture 0.2um size particles, pesticides, chlorine and odor.

On the market, the best Activated Carbon product is derived from the Malaysian Coconut. The Reverse Osmosis (RO) is used to capture up to 0.0001 um size particles and is the only technology filtrating the heavy metals and providing drinkable water.

At the last stage, the Tourmaline can be used as a remineralizer by releasing essential minerals into the water by dissolution and thanks to a chemical reaction soften the water. Indeed, with the temperature and pressure influence, the water passing by the triangular Tourmaline will release energy, which will break the clusters of H2O molecules into the water and provide soft water.

The Ozone solution is effective in removing the bacteria from vegetables and fruits.


Greenwave is able to provide these solutions for your home, so do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to provide you a personalize expertise depending on your concerns and your needs.

If you are still on the fence about experimenting a water filter, we hope those reviews from some of our customers will convince you!

“After installing the shower filter, the water is so much better!” Michele

“I received the results of the test today. It really is pure water!” Jesse

“The products are very good. I feel a fundamental difference in both the air and water quality.” Susie

“I am very pleased with the filters, I can really tell the difference immediately!” Milena

“With recent concerns regarding the water quality in Shanghai, we want to let our customers know that we’ve upgraded the water filters in our production facility to the most sophisticated systems available in Shanghai – US-imported Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters by Greenwave China. These filters produce water that’s cleaner than local bottled water, and that’s what we use for all of Nosh’s preparation and cooking.” Nosh Delivery

Clean water is a key element for a healthy lifestyle, and we intend to help you get it!

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