Not All Drinking Water Filters Work The Same 不同的直饮水机效果大不同

Chinese water isn’t known for its purity and freshness. Rapid economic development came at the cost of heavily polluting our rivers and lakes. Inadequate water treatment plants and outdated piping systems are also posing major risks to the tap water, although to a lesser degree. In addition, instead of removing dissolved solids and microbes, pumping excessive amounts of chlorine as a make-shift solution to prevent major outbursts of diseases in overpopulated cities doesn’t help either. These causes have led to the exponential growth in the bottled water and drinking water filter industry.


Recently, drinking water filters have become more preferable compared to bottled water as they are fresher, more user-friendly, and environmental. However, despite the numerous brands and their filtration stages, not all of them work the same nor do they have the same level of performance. If you happen to care about the water you drink or already have a water purifier at home, the following information might be helpful for you by providing a wider variety of choices.


Different drinking water filters 不同的直饮水机

Typically for drinking water, pollutants and impurities like chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals and organic compounds including antibiotics and pesticides should all be removed. Though some consumers tend to care more about the minerals or alkalinity, one irrefutable fact is that the water filters have to make the water clean enough for drinking.


To remove the pollutants from the water, a certain combination of treatment methods will be selected and integrated into a system to make sure water will be filtered to meet the expected quality. Based on the integrated treatments, the drinking water filters can be categorized as following; carbon filter, ultra filtration filter, reverse osmosis filter and ionizer.


Comparing different drinking water filters 各种直饮水机对比

The following specifies the main drinking water filters in the market and provides a basic summary of their primary traits. Their performance or effectiveness might not be detailed here, but that does not affect the contents below.


Discussions over minerals and alkalinity for drinking water continue


Discussions about drinking water filters have been going on for many years over topics related to minerals and alkalinity. Different companies and filtration experts in the business will stand for what they think is better, and each argument could come up with enough resources to win either opponent. As for families, it’s important to make their own decision.


We are a strong believer for clean water. If the water is not clean, even with some minerals or the alkalinity of tap water, it is not suitable for drinking. With many years of experience including the carbon filters, ultra filtration filters and ionizers as well as the regular RO filters, Greenwave provides some new choices in order to more appropriately meet consumers’ needs.

我们坚信水质干净比什么都重要。如果水不干净,即使水中含有矿物质或水是弱碱性,也不适合直接饮用。Greenwave 具有8年多的净水行业经验,对各种设备与技术非常了解。我们为用户提供了相对理想的选择,来更好的满足用户的需求。

Greenwave Alatai Drinking Water Purifier Alatai直饮水机

The Greenwave Alatai Drinking Water Purifier implements 6 filtration stages. While the reverse osmosis ensures stripping the water of all existing pollutants including heavy metals, the post re-mineralization filter set brings some minerals back in the last stage. Moreover, the Alatai will adjust the water taste and PH range as well. The water that has gone through these steps will be free of any heavy metals while containing healthy minerals and will taste better and fresher.

Greenwave Alatai直饮水机采用6级过滤与处理,通过前三级预处理与第四级进口陶氏RO膜去除水中细菌、重金属等一切污染物,然后通过后置2级处理包括矿化与活性炭滤芯来补充部分矿物质、调节水的PH值与口感。Alatai直饮水机的过滤水不含任何污染物、新鲜、富含矿物质、口感更好,是家庭的理想选择。

Alatai drinking water purifier has been used out by thousands of international families and businesses, and is one of the most often recommended drinking water purifier within the communities. Over the past 8 years, a few of our clients even had our water tested by their independent labs and the results are very reassuring. For these families seeking for a reliable choice, it will make a great one. Right now it will be available not just through purchasing, it could be available through renting too. With only 8 rmb per day, you will have cleaner purified drinking water for drinking, cooking and even flushing for the whole family.


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