What To Do With Filters Before Moving Or Travelling┃搬家度假时净水器处理提示

You might be ready to leave for your long holidays, or finding a new home in your city or another. For some of you, it might be the time to organize your repatriation after a long/short stay in China. But before all of that, you might be wondering how to handle the process of moving and disposing the different items in your home, including the water filters. Here we share some tips to help making the process as smooth as possible:


For central water filters, central water softeners, shower filters, faucet filters and other non(large volume) reverse osmosis filters, not much needs to be done. (Normally the main water source and power supply should be switched off). Letting the water run through the systems for a few minutes will be the only necessary thing to do before using the water after you get back.


If a Reverse Osmosis drinking water purifier is used, you should do the following before leaving:


Upon return, you can counter the above 3 steps and do the following to ensure the freshness of the purified drinking water.


Filters could be disconnected and re-installed in the same day if you are moving locally. You can do that yourself if you are using simple shower or faucet filters. However, for faucet filters, drinking water purifiers and so on, we recommend you arrange your supplier to come and help.


We provide the services of uninstalling, transporting and then re-installing your water filtration systems in your new home. We simply ask you to just notify us 2 days in advance. A certain fee might be needed for the service.


If you are moving from one city to another, we are unable to help you with the transportation. However, we can efficiently help you uninstall and then arrange a trusted technician re-install your filtration systems in your new city.


Extra note: if your new home has a water filter, please arrange an indoor consultation or have your water tested. Based on our experiences, few landlords will invest significantly in good quality ones.


Just let us know 3~5 working days in advance. We will send our team to disconnect all the filters at your convenience. (Though some ex-clients asked if Greenwave buys back the filters before, we do not have that service as of now.)


For the used filters, you can choose to give them to your friends. Or if you want, you can resell them. The products info could be shared within some wechat groups you are in or you can try the sites like:

对用过的产品,你可以送给身边的朋友。你也可以选择在不同的微信群卖出去,下面的网站也可以卖出这些。上海) (Shanghai上海) (Beijing北京)

They are very helpful channels. Within the process, we could provide all the info for the products and detailed service record if needed. Technical support such as delivery and installation will be provided for the new users.


We all know moving can often be a messy and stressful experience, but together we can make it as smooth as possible. Also, if you aren't quite sure of which moving companies to pick from, we would highly recommend some of our quality partners in the moving industry such as SAE, CIM, Asian Tigers, Keron International, Hermes relo and so on. We know each of their strengths, so please reach out and let us help you find a moving agency fitting your specific needs.

对搬家的人来说,不管搬到哪里,那很难是一件让人轻松的事情。对此,我们希望能为你帮上一些忙,让你的搬家多一点顺畅。如果你还没有选定搬家公司,我们可以为你介绍行业中的一些靠谱选择。SAE、 CIM、Asian Tigers、Keron International、Hermes等都很好,我们知道它们的优势。如果你想了解,请告知我们。我们会为你提供一些针对性的信息。

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