Used Filters, What Kind of Garbage Are You?

New garbage sorting regulation will be officially reinforced from July 1st with just a few days left. The penalties for refusing to manage waste well will be 200rmb for individuals while 50,000 rmb for organizations. But first,how to classifiy the garbage is still a mystery to most of us.


According to the guideline, published by the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau, we have to sort garbabe into four kinds before throwing:


Although we have this guideline for sorting garbage, it's still not easy for people to remember and adjust.


The garbage which seems wet may not belong to the wet trash bin(the Chinese term for household food waste), the garbage which seems dry may not belong to the dry trash bin(the Chinese term for residual waste).


As for bubble tea, almost a necessity for many people, things get even more complicated.


What should I do with the unfinished bubble tea?

The top belongs to recyclable waste,

The cup belongs to residual waste,

The liquid belongs to the sink,

and the bubble…???

Forget it, I will just finish it.






Just joking. Greenwave supports this regulation. Although for citizens in Shanghai, the garbage sorting may cause inconvenience at first, it will reduce colossal burden to the city caused by incinerating the garbage and save us more land, preventing our home from turning into the garbage land like Isle of Dogs.



I believe many people now hold a question in mind: "How should i dispose the expired filter replacements changed by the technician? What kind of garbage should they belong?"


Well, to answer this question, we need to first figure out what compose the filters.


For drinking water filters in RO type, they often have 5 to 6 stages of filters with the following materials like in our Alatai drinking water purifier. Other filters would contain some of the following as well.


For bathroom filters like our ClearFall, ShowerKing and WaterBaby shower and faucet filters used pretty often by a lot of families, they are using combos to treat water to fulfill your needs and protect skin and hair.

对很多家庭使用的浴室净水产品,与我们的ClearFall, ShowerKing与WaterBaby等沐浴与龙头产品类似,使用材料组合中可能也有下面的选择。

As for air filters like IQAir, Atmosphere, Blueair, Medic air and so on, their maintainence will be not so frequent as water filters. Thus, there are less needs to deal with their replacements.

至于IQAir, Atmosphere, Blueair, Medic air等品牌空气净化器的滤芯,他们的更换周期一般比净水器更长,因此需要处理的滤芯也更少。然而不管怎样,用户都同样需要面对如果处理废旧滤芯的问题。

As you can see above, the materials we use for filter are all not harmful to the environment, what concerns most people is whether they will contaminate the environment after completing their duty. After all, they filter the pollutants in the water and air.


The answer is No. According to National hazardous waste directory enacted by Chinese government, The used filters for filtering family tap water and air don't belong to hazardous waste.Thus, for the uesd filters left by our technician after maintaining, their destiny belong to the Residual Waste.


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