How to Survive Summer Heat | 炎炎夏日,清爽搭档

Summer is upon us and with temperatures expected to rise in following weeks. It is very important to stay healthy in the heat. Excessive temperatures can result in heat stroke and weakening of the immune system.


As the summer heat becomes unbearable, make sure to take the proper steps in maintaining your home, office. Here are plenty of tips for beating the summer heat!


Tips for Beating Summer Heat

● Stay indoors and maintain your house and office at a safe temperature and humidity level.

● Drink plenty of water and stay Hydrated, obviously.

● If possible, spend more time in the shade.

● When in the sun, apply sunscreen product and wear clothes that cover your skin so as to avoid getting burnt by UV rays.

● 尽量待在室内,保持室内的温度和湿度处在一个令人舒适的状态

● 多饮水,保持充足的水分补给

● 处在室外时,尽量待在阴凉处,避免阳光直射

● 在大太阳下,记得涂防晒霜,穿防晒衣,避免被紫外线晒伤

In hot weather, it is vital to drink plenty of water. As we know, Our body is composed of 65% water, most of it located within our cells.


Benefits of a hydrated system

▪ Regulating your temperature

▪ Helping the kidneys to function and remove toxins

▪ Keeping your skin supple

▪ Lubricating joints and muscles

▪ Enhancing your mood

▪ Avoiding kidney stones

▪ 调节体温

▪ 有利于肾脏正常运转,代谢毒素

▪ 保持肌肤的柔软通透

▪ 润滑关节及肌肉

▪ 提升心情

▪ 避免肾结石

A simple and convenient way to stay hydrated is by using Drinking Water Purifier.


Not only does this remove all the risks of drinking unsafe tap water, but it also saves up to 30% of average annual costs compared to using bottled water, as well as helping to protect the environment by reducing the usage of plastic bottles.


Avoid and limit going outside as much as you can. Exposing your body in the heat for prolonged hours can affect it adversely and cause heat stroke, heat syncope, fatigue and exhaustion. If you want to go for some outting, plan it post 6 pm when the temperature moves down.


Since we intend to stay indoors for most time under summer heat. High summer temperatures often encourages us to use significant amounts of air conditioning in order to cooler areas of the house, public buildings and workplaces. As a result, indoor spaces can become particularly dry, giving rise to moisturizing and hydrating.


But not to worry, we have solutions here!


Firstly, air conditioned spaces should be regularly ventilated. Room temperatures should be kept between 21°C and 25°C, whilst humidity should be maintained at levels between 60% to 70%. Despite the summer heat, it would be a sensible idea to purchase a humidifier.


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