Open Workshop: Shanghai Water, Air & Tech | 上海水质、空气和科技咨询会

When living in China, the largest day to day problems that you’ll face will include water, air and tech. So long as pollution continues to significantly affect water and air quality, and the great firewall continues to domestically regulate the internet, navigating these issues isn’t just a lifestyle choice, but a necessity.


You may already know of support events that include Shanghai 123 and Beijing Arrival Survival,all well established events that have been advising expatriates.

庆幸的是,目前已有一些组织较好的活动来帮助外国友人更好适应中国的生活环境,例如上海的Shanghai123以及北京的Arrival Survival。

However, you may feel that the timeboxed scheduling of such events isn’t quite enough time to fully discuss your water, air and tech concerns, or indeed hear on these concerns for a long enough time.

This is why Greenwave, Renaud Air and TEK Shanghai want to hold this open workshop to help the people in need!

但由于活动时间较短或涉及的方面较多,可能没有完全解答你在水、空气或科技上的一些困惑。为此,Greenwave, Renaud Air 和 TEK Shanghai联手举办这次咨询会,其目的是为了帮助生活在上海的人们解决这三方面的疑问。

One to one specific questions that deserve one to one detailed answers. Our open workshop is here to give you a more intimate and individual questioning time.





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