Chuckville,1st Waste Water Free Clean Water Restaurant | 国内首家零废水餐厅

The water served in restaurants and bars in China often concerns diners for reasons such as bad taste and poor quality in China. This is the main reason Greenwave started the Clean Water Restaurant (CWR) program 2 years ago. Within the program, we promote and provide only purified drinking water for all ice, drinks and foods. The water is going through commercial reverse osmosis drinking water purifiers, removing any heavy metals and impurities and improving the taste — allowing it to meet the highest quality standards. This is something bottled water or basic filters could not achieve. For restaurants signing into the program and using such water, Greenwave will help certify and expose them through different online and offline channels, ultimately bringing more business.


As this program receives more and more recognition within the communities, we have new members joining continuously, among which there is a special new member——Chuckville.


💰:100RMB average cost/人均100元

📍:No.38 Yancheng road, Huangpu District, Shanghai/上海市黄浦区盐城路38号

Founded by couple of foodies returning from the US, they dedicate themselves

to introducing the most distinctive dishes from overseas. Their purpose is to

build a top Barbecue restaurant which is authentic and cost-effective.



What's more, Chuckville is more than a tempting barbecue! The most interesting thing is that they adopt a special gadget to recycle the waste water after going through stage1/2/3 filters for toilet flushing, floor cleaning and so on. Thus, it's also a water saving environmental restaurant sharing the same values as Greenwave to make sure every drop of water has its place.

此外,Chuckville 不仅仅只有美味的烤肉,还是一家与Greenwave有着相同绿色环保理念的“肉店”。他们特地采用了特殊的技术将经过水机1/2/3级过滤但无法直接饮用的废水进行循环回收,用于马桶冲洗,店铺清洁等等,确保不浪费每一滴水。

There is a water crisis on this blue planet. Although you might not feel it in this prosperous city, 3 in 10 people lack access to safe water.


Recycling water is both a sustainable and environmentally-friendly practice. It will not just help restaurants to save money, it will also improve the image for waste management and being environmentally aware – which is particularly important in today’s increasingly environmentally conscious world.

对水进行循环再利用是一种环保、 可持续的方式。餐厅不仅可以据此节约开支,更可以提高节能环保意识,提升大众好感与认知度。

Whether you consider yourself as environmentally friendly or not, saving water is one of the most fundamental things you can do to save money, energy and conserve the nature world.


Water is precious resource, which leads to the question:

How to recycle waste water in restaurants when using high quality purified drinking water ?



Here in Greenwave, we can help recycle waste water for restaurants when using RO systems for the purifed drinking water. (More feasible for these under design or renovation.)

Greenwave可为目标餐厅提供废水再循环用水的定制方案, 尤其是对正在设计或者装修的餐厅。

A special tank will be connected with your drinking water purifier correspondent to the restaurant's arrangement. The "waste" water after stage1/2/3 of the RO system would be stored there instead of being wasted into drainage directly. Through some valves and pumps, the stored water will be used for flushing toilets or cleaning floors, etc.

我们会根据餐厅的实际情况定制一个水箱。经过RO直饮水机1/2/3级滤芯过滤 的"废水"会被储存在水箱中,而不是直接流入废水管。在各种电控配件与水泵的调节下,这些水会被用于清洁卫生间或者地板等,不会有任何浪费。

Water use affects a restaurant's operating cost, environmental impact and in many cases its brand image. Sign up for our solution to get the help!


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