No Deposit&¥8/Day To Rent A Drinking Water Filter | 租直饮水机免押金8元/天

Drinking water matters, drinking clean water matters more! It’s an open secret that tap water is not suitable for drinking directly here due to the pollutants inside.


In recent years, Greenwave has led many successful drinking water projects, with Fitness centres, schools and restaurants all being notable beneficiaries.


Our Alatai drinking water purifier has well and truly become the star of our product line. As the demand for clean drinking water becomes higher and higher, we has decided to launch a new policy with nearly 45% discount !


Postive Customer Feedback 积极的客户反馈

Testing Results from Labs 实验室检测结果

NOW, It’s Time to Have a Quality

Drinking Water Purifier At Your Home!


From 2019/8/15 to 2019/12/31, NO DEPOSIT is required for renting a Greenwave Alatai drinking water purifier. Moreover...






1. ¥1000 if you want to own it

2. ¥500 if you return it when you are leaving

3. ¥300 if you agree to use a 2nd hand dual tap and return it in the end.

1. 购买价格是1000元

2. 租赁双出售龙头并和水机一同退回价格为500元

3. 使用二手龙头并在结束后退回价格为300元

The Alatai drinking water purifier is a star product in Greenwave. It's been used in thousands of families and the purified water has been tested by many third party labs. With the aim of helping more families enjoy the benefits that Alatai brings to us, we are holding these policies! Keep calm and order now!


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