What to Drink and Care for Bumps and Babes | 准妈妈们需要重视的用水与空气等事项

Getting news about pregnancy can be exciting and at the same time overwhelming. So, one question to all future and soon to be mum readers is, are you being prepared for the process?


From that very moment you know about your pregnancy, you may have a million questions on what you will go through during the next 8 to 9 months, and even after. And this article is all about helpful tips in putting together the different elements you need to build up a healthy lifestyle during this beautiful moment and live it at its best.


1. Be on a diet

Keep your diet based on the advice from your physician who will give you detailed suggestion according to your health condition, while the basic principle is more meals each day and less foods each time.



2. Supplement additional vitamin

Proper amount of vitamin supplementary is necessary for fetus’s healthy growth.



3. Attending prenatal classes

They will guide you in terms of matters needing attention, breath adjustment, parental knowledge and appropriate exercise.



4. Pay regular visit to your obstetrician or midwife

Make sure periodical examination happen even though you don’t have any uncomfortable feeling.



5. Being in relaxed and smooth mood

Being pregnant (especially for the first time) is very unique and memorable, so just be relaxed and enjoy your journey of nurturing a new life even though you may have feelings of nausea sometimes.



6. Preparation for coming baby

Either you or your family should be aware of preparing infant necessities in advance in case getting messy or hurry when the baby comes out. The necessities may include clothes, quilts, feeder, crib, etc.



But it’s never too much to do more and there is nothing wrong with detailed preparation. More professional guidance may be acquired from your doctor; meanwhile, the following tips regarding to water and air would be also helpful for healthier and more delicate preparation.


What to drink? 喝什么?

Coffee, cola, especially alcohol is forbidden or is asked to be restricted under acceptable amount. Heavy drinking can lead to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS),which causes mental retardation and a host of abnormalities.


Some studies indicate that high level caffeine intake has negative impact on fetus growth and development, especially the brain, heart, liver and other essential organs. Excessive caffeine may also cause malformation.


In fact, the fundamental solution is giving up your addiction for almost 10 months then reach out to natural resource -- water.


Although water may taste of no favorable flavor, it's the safest way and it is beneficial for increased metabolism. Greatness of a mother is being noticed from women depriving themselves of physical desire for their children, which starts from the flat shoes instead of high-heels and water rather than coffee or alcohol.


What water to drink? 喝什么样的水?

Honestly clean water can evoke your desire for one more glass, what’s more, drinking adequate amount of water is also a good habit worth to develop as well.


So next question is what water to drink? It seems a very stupid question, for the answer is clean and healthy water of course. However, the choice is sometimes not so obvious due to the dazzling options available in the market.


How do you make sure the water flowing into your body is hundred percent clean and healthy?


From the perspective of standard, clean water is free of particles, heavy metals, bacteria, virus, organisms and no odd taste. The alternatives vary from bottled water to filtered water.


How much water to drink? 摄取多少水分?

The amount intake of water each day for pregnant women should be around 1000-1500ml to provide sufficient water for fluid circulation. The special intake point should be after getting up in the morning, after meals and one hour before going to sleep. It is better to drink water around 8 times a day with 2-hour interval for retaining hydrous status. But please take your doctor’s advice as priority considering that individual’s health condition varies.


Stop smoking


Quit smoking and ask your husband to quit too, and avoid being exposed to second-hand smoking circumstances as well. Turn on your air purifier 24 hours and remember to use the smoke-stop filter.


Ensure the indoor healthy air


Being pregnant requires much more care than usual against any potential risk. Just make sure your air purifiers are enough to cover all your space and function well with periodic maintenance.


Keep the air purifier on even at sleeping duration. The more practical suggestion is to switch to the max for an hour before you go to sleep and keep it at medium level all night. Such operation is for the best air quality in room and keeping relatively quiet for whole tight sleep.


Wearing mask outdoor


Heavy intake of air pollutants from car exhausts, industry or life consumption could lead to an increased risk of developing high blood pressure disorders during pregnancy. Hypertension (high blood pressure), in particular, is associated with increased morbidity and mortality, causing a lot of problems for the mother and fetus, including pre-term delivery. Wearing a mask to prevent particulate matter, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide is demanded for pregnant women.


No matter you are a pregnant woman seeking for double protection in terms of water and air, or a husband/child to a woman who are trying to ameliorate your wife/mom's living environment. Greenwave provides full range of water solutions to meet your needs until you're satisfied.


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