What To Know & Do About Waterborne Norovirus! 北京多人病毒感染,起因竟是水污染?

You might also read the governmental annoucements about the Norovirus in Beijing and concern about the quality of water you are using. We received some inquiries today from clients and would like to share something here to help. Hopefully this will bring some relief to more people.


It's reported a waterborne disease outbreaks in Chaoyang district, Beijing in the evening of July 12th with 105 people detected for having syptoms of diarrhea until July 14th. Until now, 52 cases are confirmed caused by the Norovirus which may spread through the tap water due to the water tanks in that area are not fully disinfected.


What is Norovirus?

Norovirus is extremely contagious and will result in syptoms like nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The virus is common across all different ages and can last up to 2 days.

How does it spread?

Norovirus can spread rapidly through human contact and close interaction with an infected individual. More specifically, you can catch norovirus if you touch an infected surface, had food or drinks that had been prepared by a carrier of the virus, or had been in close contact with an infected individual.

It is also quite common to catch Norovirus from foods and water that are contaminated with norovirus. (Ensuring that food is washed using clean filtered water is a good way to prevent this. )


The main symptoms of Norovirus are:

- Feeling and being sick

- Diarrhea

- High fever

- Headaches and aches in the arms and legs

How to prevent it?

- Wash your hands more. Using hand sanitiser is a good idea, but that should not be a substitution for handwashing.

- Pay attention to your surroundings, such as the way food is prepared in a restaurant. Eat the fully cooked food or boiled water if it's tap water.

- Use good drinking water purifiers for the water to drink, cook and clean foods

In the case which the diarrhea outbreak is very related to the waterborne Norovirus, it will be important to use water filters to get rid of the potential virus in the tap water and ensure your health.


For those who might use water filters already and don't know if they are effective, or just consider using filters right now and want to know what filters to choose, the following will be helpful.


For Drinking & Cooking Water


Everyone wants pollutants-free water for drinking and cooking. However, that's not easy to achieve. The carbon filters, ultra filtration ones and ionizers might fail the expectation as the virus is too small for them to remove. To disinfect, some UV light is very needed to use behind these filters. Otherwise, boiling will be needed for the filtered water through these systems. Comparing to them, reverse osmosis systems will be pecfect as RO has a much higher filtration precision which will not let any virus or heavy metals ions go through. The purified water could be used for drinking directly.


more info:

It's foreseeable that the government will take actions aiming at disinfecting water fully after this incident. That means more chlorine may be used because it's the main treatment Chinese government take to kill the bacteria and virus in the tap water.


Chlorine is efficient in disinfecting water, however, the excesive chlorine will do harm to human health. The more potentially used chlorine will not just make the water smell strong, and will also cause a lot more people suffering with the below physical symtoms. For these using shower or faucet filters, they might be due in a shorter quicker time:


Skin problems: 皮肤问题

Chlorine is bad for our skin because it strips it of natural oils and affects the PH balance, resulting in dryness and irritation.


Hair problems: 头发问题

- Split end 分叉

- Hair loss 掉发

- Dry Hair 干发

For Excessive Chlorine


For the excessive chlorine, some shower&faucet chlorine filters like below are highly recommended. They will not just fix the excessive chlorine, they will also remove rust and other impurities and make the water feel softer to better shower and cleaning experiences.


Shower & Faucet Water Filters

more info:

Water Test & Consultation


If you're worried about the water quality, want to know how effecicent your filters work, or seek some choices to improve the water quality, you can contact us today for an appointment. We will arrange a free onsite visit and indoor consultation service for you, listening to your needs, checking the filters and answer your questions.


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