2000 Free Water Testing Kits Ready to Go! | 免费水质检测礼盒等你取、任你定!

Greenwave has offered free water testing and indoor consultation services for several years. For those who would like to find out more about the quality of their tap water, filtered water or bottled water, appointments can be made through WeChat, email or phone call at any time.


Greenwave has served a lot of people already, and we see the huge amount of needs still unfulfilled out there. To help out more, we are now offering free water quality testing kits for families, so they can try the tests and analyse the water at home for themselves. Each testing kit normally costs ¥100, but now every family can order one for free.


Retail Price¥100, NOW FOR FREE |套装市场价100元,现在完全免费

How to get water testing kits? 获取水质检测套装方式

Pick one up in Greenwave Shanghai office at Rm 1206, 95 West Beijing Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

到Greenwave上海办公室领取, 具体地址是上海市黄浦区北京西路95号1206室


Get one from our following partners in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Hangzhou and Nanjing:



pay ¥15 for delivery if you are in Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou or ¥30 if you are in other cities. Please connect and leave us your email, living address and phone number and pay the delivery fee.



What you need to know about the tests? 关于水质测试

Each testing kit contains one chlorine test, one TDS tester and 2 manuals, explaining step-by-step how to do the test. All of the testers are produced by third parties and can be purchased from many other channels as well.


The testing kit is only able to test chlorine and total dissolved solids. The results will not reflect on what exactly is inside of the water. But when comparing tap water to purified/bottled water they are still meaningful, giving a fair result.


For people who would like the precise results of what kind of impurities and how many impurities the water contains, they should know that lab tests can simply not be replaced. If there is an interest for this, you can also contact us to get lab tests arranged for the concerning pollutants.


Free consultation service 免费上门咨询服务

If the instructions in testing kits did not help enough over the tests and result analysis, or you would like to know more about the results you got, you can contact Greenwave for a free indoor consultation service for those who live in Shanghai and Beijing. We can help and explain more about the tests and test results, check out the valves, sinks, taps, pumps and so on to ensure that your concern and needs are fully resolved.


It is our goal to deliver clients true information about water (quality) as much as we can and the quality filters that we can get for our families as well as the personalized services we anticipate for ourselves. Here at Greenwave, we will help you and your families get cleaner water and a truly peaceful mind.

我们一直致力于让每位用户用上健康水,向每位用户分享我们掌握的、完全真实的水质信息,给每位用户推荐我们给自己家人使用的品质净水产品,为每位用户提供我们自己作为消费者期待的个性化服务。通过Greenwave, 你将与所有其它用户一样获得干净的水与真正的放心。

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