What To Adjust & Do With Filters After Holiday | 假期回来后需要对净水、净化器的操作

We wish everyone a great holiday. When it gets close to an end, you would get back sooner or later, but returning from a break can be a real bummer. If you've ever felt like that you need another holiday from your recent one, you are not an exception.


But no worries, Here are some tips on helping you get back on track successfully.


Actually not just adjustment should be done for people. What's used including the water and air filters should be adjusted well to work as expected again after the long holiday. (Before the holiday, you might follow the instructions for setting the water valves and power.)


Before leaving/度假之前

Main water source and power supply are suggested to be switched off.


Upon return after holiday/假期回来之后

Re-switch on the water source and power and re-set the controlling valves. The valve use electricity to calculate the working days and back-flushing/regeneration time for the central water filters or central water softeners. If the power has been off within the holidays or unintentionally, some necessary setting under instructions will be needed. Otherwise, they might do backflushing or regeneration in the day time which will affect your use of water. Please contact your supplier if you don't know how to do that or don't want to bother.


Before leaving/度假之前

Upon return after holiday/假期回来之后

You can counter the above 3 steps and do the following to ensure the freshness of the purified drinking water. (Just turn off the water source and run water through the sprout for other simple water filters for a couple of minutes if such are used in your place.)

假期回来后,请反向操作上面三步并按照以下建议对设备做清洗。清洗完成后,水质会一如既往的新鲜、纯净! 你可以直接饮用或用它来煮饭等。(如果你用的是其它类型的简易净水设备,请在打开水源的情况下,直接放水2~3分钟就可以。)

Before leaving/度假之前

Unplug it or shut down the general power supply.


Upon return after holiday/假期回来之后

1. Clean dust off the prefilters (If you feel too bothered to do so, you can contact your original supplier or us for home service.)

2 Turn on the air purifiers and let it work on max for a few hours to freshen the air in your house. (If the outside air is good, you can first open the windows and doors to let good air in. Do the air purification after that.)

1. 清理空气净化器前置滤芯上的灰尘(若嫌麻烦可联系原供应商或我们清理。)

2. 打开空气净化器,使其保持最大功率运行一段时间,还你一个清新的室内空气环境。(如果室外空气好,可以先开窗、开门通风。之后再打开空气净化器。)

If you have not had any water filters or air purfiers yet in your home, it might be a good option for you to consider some from reliable suppliers after the holiday which are operating for years with good reputation and having a lot of existent clients. Before making any decision, it's always good to do some consultation and onsite visit to make sure what's indeed suitable to you and what exactly you should use.


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