Free Trial for Ultimate Pure! Introducing UltraShower | 终极纯净等你免费体验

Have you been dissatisfied with the water that you shower with, or even got some skin and hair problems?

您有过对沐浴水质的不满, 甚至因为水质有掉发、皮肤干燥的问题吗?

Do you still feel like something is missing even if you have a shower filter?


Greenwave previous shower filters 历代沐浴净水产品

At Greenwave, one of our main objectives is to constantly seek new solutions for better showering experiences, and relieve you of all low quality water related health problems. We want to give you the ultimate protected shower experience.



Greenwave’s UltraShower is the most advanced shower water treatment product available. By effectively removing odour, excessive chlorine, chloramines, rust and elements that cause water hardness, UltraShower will relieve all skin and hair problems related to polluted water.

Greenwave UltraShower 是您沐浴净水的最佳选择,能有效移除水的异味,多余余氯,氯胺,铁锈,以及会导致水变硬的其它元素,让您免受因水污染而导致的头发皮肤各种困扰。

Greenwave UltraShower is

the ULTIMATE shower solution


Greenwave UltraShower



Two Models of UltraShower

Effectively remove calcium and magnesium ions to soften water.


Effecively remove chlorine, chloramines and other impurities from water, reduce irritation symptoms.


Fully protect skin and hair, an ultimate choice for shower water


Effectively remove calcium and magnesium ions to soften water.


Effecively reduces skin and hair problems


For better shower experience, it's recommended to be used along with a shower filter


The Ideal Shower Product

UltraShower gives you the ultimate protected shower experience. Tested in professional laboratory, UltraShower is capable of reducing water hardness by 70%. Whilst the extent to which water can be purified can vary from filter to filter, UltraShower knows no limits when it comes to softening water.

UltraShower 能带给你极致的沐浴体验。经专业实验室检测,UltraShower可以将水的硬度减少70%。虽然每个净水器能净化的程度不同,但若论起软化水,UltraShower没有极限。

Testing Results from Laboratory 实验室检测结果

Free Trial

Now we are thrilled to annouce that 60 days free trials for UltraShower are available for 50 people who are interested in Shower filters and living in Beijing and Shanghai. To get the chance to enjoy this opportunity, all you need to do is complete the following steps:


1. Publish this article to your wechat moments.


2. Collect 30 likes for your moment.


3.Screenshot this moment with 30 likes to us.


4.Share a review of the trial experience with us after having completed it.


On 2019/9/12, we will inform the 50 people who get trial chances. Who comes first will get the chance. Please keep in touch with us~

2019/9/12 当天,会告知获得试用机会的50人,先到先得,请保持关注呦~

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