Clean Water Restaurant Bottega | 北京意库餐厅全部门店用上直饮水

We are happy to provide clean water services for the popular awards winning Bottega and make it one more Clean Water Restaurant in China. Among its rich history and credentials, we hope the new clean water restaurant certificate could add some more value to it.


From ice, drinks to foods, all the water used inside the Bottega stores is purified by reverse osmosis drinking water filters. The quality could be compared to the bottled water sold in different shops and stores.


Conforming to its standard, Bottega chose to implement Greenwave’s drinking water purifiers. Instead of using simply filtered water for coffee, ice and providing bottled water for drinking, they now use only purified drinking water for everything. The quality and taste will be very different by the change of water quality. Like Italian foods, check out Bottega and enjoy their fall flavors completed with cleaner water!


📍 Jinshang Building 1/F, No.20 Xinyuanli West, Chaoyang District, next to International SOS


📍 Nali Patio 2/F, No. 81 Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District, Between Sanlitun South & 3.3


We are to give away ¥1000 vouchers for Bottega to 5 lucky people. Each person will get ¥200 vouchers. Here's how to participate:


1. Share this article on Moments 分享本文章到微信朋友圈(不能仅设置Greenwave可见)

2. Screenshot the likes you receive on the post and send it to us before September 30th 9月30日前截图转发的朋友圈并发给我们

The top 5 people with most likes get vouchers. 获得最多点赞的前5名将获得餐券

The water served in restaurants and bars in China often concerns diners for reasons such as bad taste and poor quality. This is the main reason Greenwave started the Clean Water Restaurant program 3 years ago. With the program, we promote and provide only purified drinking water for all ice, drinks and foods.


The water will be ran through commercial reverse osmosis drinking water purifiers, removing any heavy metals and impurities and improving the taste — allowing it to meet the highest quality standards. This is something bottled water or basic filters could not achieve. For more information, please visit


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