Beware! Greenwave has been copied│Greenwave抄袭者改头换面侵权继续

We wouldn't have known patent and copyright violation was so common if Greenwave had not fallen victim to a violation last summer, 2018. We were shocked by a case shared by one of our clients whose husband's company was in a similar situation while still in a lawsuit for over 7 years. While these violations have been one of the few negative experiences we have had, it is encouraging that a majority of our clients and friends are firmly against any act of violation and showing unwavering support to the original brand. This helps and gives us courage to speak out the truth and take necessary measures to protect our brand, as well as the safety and rights of our customers.


The current name of the copy brand is Pureway. Originally called Greenliving, it changed name due to police intervention and action on our part. This company used its owner’s employment time in Greenwave to capture many designs, ideas and contacts from us. Therefore, be warned, this is not a professional filtration company, as demonstrated by many examples below.

经过我们的极力反抗和警察的干涉之后,抄袭品牌Greenliving现已更名为Pureway。而成立这个公司的人之前在Greenwave工作期间,曾恶意盗取了我们很多的设计、创意和数据。因此,温馨提醒:抄袭品牌Pureway 并非一个专业的净水公司,以下列事实为证

Greenliving and Pureway have been the two names taken by this copycat to imitate our designs, products and work. However, Greenwave has not been the only company copied by this pale imitator. Recently, Pureway also used Blueair's name, colours and branding as their own in order to increase sales of their own Air Purifier. They used similar names including Blueair-shop, Blueair-shopsh and Blueair and used advertising that looked very similar to Blueair's. Moreover, they used rickshaws to transport goods and install them which was illegal. Blueair and Pureway are not linked at all, Pureway had no lawful authorisation to use any marketing material that resembled Blueair.


Rickshaw used by Pureway in an illegal manner


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Now that you have been warned about the different aliases and identities worn by the copy brand, here is a detailed account of what has happened since 2018 regarding this series of incidents.


June 2018, a friend sent a flyer with surprisingly similar features to that of Greenwave's. The water droplet logo we take pride in, the website interface and even the product lines were alarmingly similar if not exactly the same. Even the name showed little effort of originality going by "Greenliving". However, even considering all the above abnormalities, the most striking and daunting fact was that the person who had stolen our brand and violated standing legislation was none other than a previous employee of Greenwave. Looking back, it was obvious that he had clear plans for his actions as he had worked for us for only 4 months from Sep 2017 to Dec 2017. His exit was not a pleasant one as well.


July 9th 2018, the above company attended the SEA Coffee Morning as a vendor. As regular vendors, we were there as well. It was the first time we were actually able to see how exactly they were violating our originality and alarmingly the display was strikingly similar as well. Some fellow vendors came up to us asking about why we had two separate tables in the same event.


Shanghai Expat Association Coffee Morning, July 9, 2018


We took appropriate measures by letting the event organizer know about this fraudulent entity that was posing an immediate threat to our customers and to the people of Shanghai with their unsafe products. This prompted the leader to launch a series of violent actions. He first blackmailed our General Manager and waited at the office building with his companions later in the evening. A week later, when all our employees were present in the office, they intruded and physically assaulted David resulting in apprehension by the police. They were penalized and released for their violence.


The threatening message from the owner of Greenliving


Image from the surveillance camera near Greenwave's office


The owner of Greenliving in the police station


Following their assault, Greenwave issued an immediate response informing people of the incidents. However, even after interference by the police, they didn't show any signs of stopping their lack of concern for intellectual property. We further received messages from our clients that were approached by them through WeChat or direct phone calls. Some of our clients sent us screenshots of the conversation.


Greenliving tried to contact our clients


Our entire client database had potentially been stolen despite reinforcements in security. Nevertheless, we extended our most sincere apologies to our clients for not being able to prevent such breaches. The safety and security of all our clients is of utmost priority to us and we took every necessary measure to correct the damage that was been inflicted. Our email server's security level has been raised, with theorectically no way for any potential intruders to get inside. Lawyers have also been consulted and a sue will be filed in the coming weeks.


The breach in our database not only resulted in the illegal business people contacting our clients, partners, and communities, but also in their marketing attempts towards communities such as


In August 2018, they posted falsified threads and comments pretending to be a satisfied customer of the fake company. Fortunately, they were no match for the wary and responsible members of the SHMM community who were already aware and had alerted the administration team. Their membership was promptly removed to ensure the integrity of one of the most influential communities in Shanghai.


Fake Comments on


The spammer's membership was immediately revoked after report


Since August of 2018, we had not heard any news from this false company. It was only right that such violations of intellectual property and fraudulent business operations resulted in a complete failure. However, although we had tried everything to inform everyone about the potential threats, they had managed to deceive a few clients.


On the 27th of November 2018, Greenwave received a replacement order from a teacher at the Shanghai Dulwich International School. When set to replace the components, we realized that the product was one which had been purchased from Greenliving, the copy company. The client had mistaken our website for theirs due to the striking similarities and had found out that none of the contact methods on their website were working. Although this is the only client that has come to our knowledge, there is a high probability that others out there have fallen victim to them.


One client bought Greenliving's product and found Greenwave for maintenance service


On November 10, 2018, a partner met a man distributing flyers for a brand named Pureway in front of a store nearby his office in Sanlitun, Beijing (old trick but same as what Greenliving did in Shanghai). Since the partner and his managing company run Greenwave products for their clients, he knows us very well. After reading the flyer info, he was even thinking that the Pureway was run by PureLiving, another partner of us. (Greenliving and Pureway are clearly the mixed names of Greenwave and our partner PureLiving.) However, Pureway's contents were almost identical to Greenliving's, except the company name and contact info. With a thorough research and investigation, it was surprising to conclude that both Pureway and Greenliving were indeed run by the same person. Apparently, Pureway is Greenliving, and that is nothing new but another copybrand of Greenwave!

2018年11月10日,在北京三里屯,一名合伙人在他办公室附近的一家商店前遇到了一个发Pureway品牌传单的人。(这和Greenliving在上海做的一样)。作为合作伙伴,他的公司为他们的客户安装Greenwave产品,他非常了解我们。在阅读了传单信息后,他甚至认为Pureway是由我们的另一个合作伙伴PureLiving运营的。(Greenliving和Pureway显然与Greenwave和PureLiving的名称相关或为两者的混合。然而,除了公司名称和联系方式, Pureway的内容与Greenliving几乎完全相同。经过深入的研究和调查,我们惊讶地发现Pureway和Greenliving实际上是由同一个人经营的。显然,Pureway是Greenliving,这并不是什么创新公司,它只是Greenwave的另一个山寨品牌!

With our deepest concern over quality of the products and services that our friends and clients might receive from the copy brands, to avoid any potential financial loss and unnecessary threat for all consumers, and to protect our brand integrity and values, we hereby warmly remind you again:


- Both Greenliving and Pureway are the copy brands of Greenwave.

Greenliving和Pureway 都是Greenwave的山寨品牌。

- They are run by the same person who has only 4 months' experience in water/air filtration and stole data.


- The author is violent and irresponsible for running the products/services.


It is an unpleasant thing for us to be copied and experience any of the above. Even now, there are still some attempts to get into our service email accounts from unclear sources since Feb 2018. These serious felonies cannot be overlooked and will be a major threat to all clients and also to the greater communities of Shanghai and Beijing. While we are taking precautions, we will carry on all necessary legal measures until all of these malicious acts and deceptions come to an end!


The copycat is still trying to hack into our e-mail account


We call on more support from the communities to act against patent violation and copyright infringement, by sticking with the original brands. Trusting original brands with a certain history instead of these copycats will better protect everyone's rights and safety. Please think twice about your water filtration needs. For people interested in water filters, please be reminded that they are complicated and technical products and require more professional support.


Filters must be secure for their close relationship to your health. Not all the filters on the market will meet your needs, contrary to what is advertised or claimed. It is better to know the differences and get suggestions from a reliable company based on your needs.


Maintenance service is needed regularly to secure consistent filtration quality. It is therefore better to choose a company with more experience and stability.


The above-mentioned services could not be done by a company with limited experience, no engineering team or language support, especially by imitators with aggressive and violent actions. Please do more research before purchasing and avoid using the copycats’services, with no security or protection.


Greenwave is grateful for all the patronage from the existing clients and the support from the partners and market. With 9 years of experience, we will continue to deliver our products and services in a professional and honest manner, always put consumers' safety and health as our top priority and help everyone as much as we can in the future.


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