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For the love of meat, visit Latina, a Brazilian restaurant located in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen in China. The food, recipe combinations, ambiance, service, and price tag; these are some of the reasons that make Latina one of the highly-rated among restaurants offering different kinds of BBQ. There is another plus to visiting Latina. It is a CWR; a Clean Water Restaurant. A novel idea that is quickly gaining recognition because of increased public health awareness at corporate as well as consumer level.


Impure and polluted water is the major cause of water-borne diseases. These include infections as Traveler’s diarrhea, Typhoid and Hepatitis A and E. Travel always include seating at random places. It takes only a single mishap of ill-health to ruin all your travel plans. China is a great country with even greater cuisines. It is home to traditional Chinese recipes as well as international cookeries. That is what Latina is all about. A true experience of Brazilian flavor.


Latina is an award-winning Brazilian steakhouse or churrascaria opened in 1998, serving a variety of barbecued meats in a rodízio style (all-you-can-eat), where roving waiters serve meats from large skewers directly onto the diners' plates. Latina also offers a full self-service salad bar and buffet that is filled with appetizers, cold cuts, traditional Brazilian hot entrees, and delicious desserts.


-- Yet what makes the whole deal about Latina fabulous is its association with Greenwave. With a mission statement of “You deserve cleaner water and healthier food when dining out”, Greenwave ensures your meal intake caters nothing but purified drinking water. From drinks to dishes, coffee to ice; a clean water restaurant uses water that is toxin-free and germ-free.


Greenwave offers a service that is a win-win situation for your business as well as your worthy clients. It ensures the availability of high-quality water at your restaurant. Access to purified drinking water helps you save big cash because it is eco-friendly. With the certification of being a CWR, your restaurant makes a direct contribution to the health maintenance of customers. A trusted and satisfied customer relationship draws more business. Greenwave solution bolsters your brand out in the competitive market.


Latina proudly owns its label of clean water restaurant. The first-ever Brazilian restaurant in China, Latina continues to serve healthy and delectable dishes since 1998. The highly trained chefs prepare all kinds of meat, which is served at your table by proficient servers. Though the restaurant serves vegetables and pasta recipes, too, it is the quality of BBQ that steals the show.






2F, No.88 Tongren Rd., Jingan District

Tel: 021-6320 3566



2F, No. 165 Lujiazui Ring Rd., Pudong

Tel: 021-3383 0577

BIYUN • 碧云店


1F, House R5, No. 633 Biyun Rd., Jin Qiao Green Leisure & Sports Center, Pudong

Tel: 021-5030 6672

CHAMTIME • 长泰广场店


Unit,1E09 Chamtime Plaza, No. 1239 Zu Chong Zhi Rd., Pudong

Tel: 021-5877 0182


SEAWORLD • 深圳海上世界店


Unit 001-004, Zone C, No. 1128 Wanghai Rd., Shekou, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-2667 7679




2F,Unit 201 Grand Summit, No.19 East Dongfang Rd. Chaoyang District

Tel: 010-8531 5287

The team at Latina understands the importance of hygienically prepared food. The CWR sticker and easel at the door and the certification by Greenwave gives a shout out-loud of the restaurant's quality. Catering to water smell, taste, and quality, the purified drinking water at Latina is no match for simple filtered or bottled water. It is because Greenwave utilizes reverse osmosis to yield premium-grade drinking water.


Tap water (above) VS water after filtration (below).

Reverse osmosis is the only safeguard against impurities like heavy metals. The bustling economy of China has strong and resilient support by a vigorous workforce. Maintaining the health standards of its people and delivering the same standards for its community is the motto of Greenwave.


Stand a chance to be part of the green movement and good food! For Latina, ¥2000 vouchers (each voucher worth ¥100) will be gifted out to a maxium of 20 people which could be used in any of the Latina stores in Shanghai, Beijing or Shenzhen


1. Share this on your wechat Moments or group over 200+ members


2. Screenshot the post and send it to us before November 30th


3. We will randomly draw 20 ones from all the responses and give each one a voucher. Each lucky winner, up to 2 vouchers will be gifted.


Notes: The vouchers are exchanged by our profit from serving the restaurants with cleaner water and are totally different from the promotional ones issued by the restaurants. They could be used as a replacement of cash with no limitation toward the date, time, and quantity used at one time.


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