You Need More Care for Skin & Hair in Winter | 冬季你的皮肤、头发需要更多保护

Winter is coming 冬天来了…

Whether we got over the ending to Game of Thrones or not, winter is coming, and we all know what that means for our skin (and hair). Yes. Extreme dryness as the humidity drops and the cold winds scours our skin for what little moisture we have left to spare. This on top of the unfortunately necessary higher chlorine levels in China’s water supply? A weapon of mass dry-struction. Good news is that Greenwave offers not only products but recommendations to beauty salons that will rejuvenate you with that inner glow after a long week.


SkinCity 5.5 in Shanghai is the best place to visit when your skin feels grimy. After a completely busy and hectic day spent, it calls for some pampering and skin care. SkinCity uses modern age international standards and techniques with the primary goal of providing great skin care to all its customers. They function on the concept of helping guests with the motto Destination: Wellness.


Subsequently, their dominant theme is the subway paired with the urban chic to provide a comfortable and relaxing place. It uses Babor products containing natural ingredients. The main plus of visiting SkinCity is its use of filtered water from Greenwave. Besides, the products used for treatments are all one-time disposable products.


There are more than 80 facial treatments available at the SkinCity 5.5, suitable for every skin type among the list. The most famous ones are 'The Green Facelift,' 'Master Cleanse,' massages, body scrubs, waxing, and nail treatments.

城市5.5提供80种面部护理,不管你的皮肤类型是哪一种,总有一种护理适合你. 城市5.5有代表性的服务有面部护理、按摩、身体护理、蜜蜡脱毛与美甲。

Locations 地址

📍 Jingan Dagu Center|静安大沽中心

476 Dagu Road, near Shimen Yi Road

Jingan District, Shanghai

上海市静安区大沽路476号, 近石门一路

Appointments / 预约电话: 021-63401235

📍 Pudong Biyun Center|浦东碧云中心

633 Biyun Road, near Yunshan Road

Suite B19-20, Green Sports & Leisure Center

Pudong New District, Shanghai



Appointments / 预约电话: 021-50307382

When it comes to hair care and best hairdressers in Beijing, Catherine de France is the first name that comes to mind. Besides its skin care services and treatments like waxing, manicures, facial treatments, body treatments, pedicures, and beauty consulting, it is famous for its outstanding hairdressing services.

在北京,若问头发护理与造型服务的好选择有哪些,Catherine de France肯定是第一批会想到的选择。在护肤、脱毛、美甲、面部与身体护理、美容咨询之外,Catherine de France的头发造型也很有名

Those looking for the experience and elegance of a French hairdresser in the Beijing set visit Catherine de France. They offer the best, efficient and attentive services to all customers.

对需要有丰富经验、特殊魅力的造型师的人来说,请一定造访Catherine de France。他们的服务很棒、效率很高,而且会认真倾听你的需求。

Never miss an opportunity to reveal your beauty by the hands of skilled, trained, and creative hairstylists at Catherine de France. Their goal is to provide chic and glamorous hairstyles in relaxed and pleasant surroundings.

别错过展示你的内在美的机会!Catherine de France的造型师都训练有术、经验丰富以及创意十足,在轻松、愉快的氛围中会为你塑造时尚、光彩照人的造型。

Pamper yourself at Catherine de France, whose staff is at your service to cater all your needs from personalized hair styles to aesthetic skincare.

想释放自己,去Catherine de France。Catherine de France全体成员会为私人定制你喜欢的造型,为你的每寸肌肤做你满意的精心护理。

Locations 地址

+86 135 2147 3492

📍 10 Xin Dong Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing


With the motive of helping people reaching a higher quality of life, Greenwave has been tirelessly working to provide cleaner, safer water according to everyone’s individual needs – and now it’s been brought to you through beauty establishments. The use of pure water is an effective way to achieve great skin and soft, manageable hair.


What separates SkinCity and Catherine de France from the others of their profession is that they took the initiative of collaborating with Greenwave to provide healthy skin and hair through its filtered water.

城市5.5和Catherine de France值得你的选择。他们深刻了解高品质用水的重要性,并为所有用户提供净化水来服务,因而更能保证护肤、护发的效果。

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