New Clean Water Restaurants in Shanghai & Beijing | 上海、北京最新高品质用水餐厅

To control water quality at homes is not that hard. Bottled water from reliable sources or quality water filtration systems are all good solutions. However, for water served in the restaurants, that’s something you might care as well like many of our clients but would find hard to do anything. Here at Greenwave, we not just provide water solutions for homes, offices and fitness centers, we do help a lot of restaurants and bars with cleaner water since years ago. Here in the following is the partial list of the brands we supported recently. More will come soon.

对家庭来说,控制水质相对简单,使用来源可靠的桶装水或者安装好的净水器都可以达到预计的效果。然而,对餐厅用水来说,你可能也跟我们的很多家庭客户一样虽然关心它的品质,但是很难做些什么去保证水质。这个地方是Greenwave可以帮忙的地方,我们不但给家庭、办公室、健身房等提供净水(空气净化)服务, 我们多年前就可以给很多上海、北京的餐厅提供净水服务。下面是我们近期服务的部分品牌,你可以放心其中的水质。(限于篇幅,我们将在下次更新其它品牌)。

Eat n work


☎️182 2187 8458

Hours: 11AM - 10:30PM Daily

Per person: 65-140RMB

📍9/F-10/F, 168 Lujiazui Xi Lu, near Fuzheng Lu

陆家嘴西路168号9-10楼, 近富城路

This is a two story food court that takes its naming more literally than one might expect. On the 9th level of Super Brand Mall you’ll find the Eat part of the name, where booths offer a selection of meal sets, American pub food, and East Asian dishes. On the 10th is the Work part of the name, where there are around 50 seats open for consumers to ‘Eat n Work’ with the Huangpu and Bund view in sight.




☎️186 1609 0626

Hours: 11AM-2AM

Per person: 110RMB

📍1085 Wuding Lu, by Jiaozhou Lu

武定路1085号, 近胶州路

Craving a spot of Latin American spice? Solana is a bright, cheery restaurant by the same people who started Hot Chick, Barbarian, Bites & Brews, and Nomad. The atmosphere can be described as homely. Come around with a few friends for hot tacos and icy margaritas.

想试试拉美菜?可以考虑Solana(幕后是Hot Chick、Barbarian、Bites&Brews与Nomad等品牌的拥有者)。现场环境明亮、音乐欢快,有一种温暖的家庭氛围。可以邀上三五好友一起去体验它们备受欢迎的墨西哥塔克与饮料。

He Wei Xien


☎️010 8450 6888-5220

Hours: 11:30PM-2PM; 5:30PM-9:30PM

Per person: 120RMB

📍No.1 Xiang Jiang Bei Lu, Chao Yang District


He Wei Xuan is a Chinese restaurant giving you an authentic taste of all that is Chinese cuisine. They serve Cantonese and Sichuan dishes in a beautiful restaurant that can accommodate 120 people in one sitting. Not only this, but they have four private dining rooms that sit 10-15 people each. Come by with family or friends for a leisurely meal on a temperate day.


Tokyo Teppanyaki


☎️010 8450 6888-5220

Hours: 11:30PM-2PM; 5:30PM-9:30PM

Per person: 120RMB

📍No.1 Xiang Jiang Bei Lu, Chao Yang District


Watch your food being cooked and prepared in a flash right before your eyes at Tokyo Teppanyaki. The restaurant offers set teppanyaki meals or alternatively you can enjoy an exquisite a la carte menu. An enticing experience embracing Japanese traditions and culinary expertise!




☎️138 1831 7021

Hours: 2PM-2AM

Per person: 161RMB

📍B1, 158 Julu Road, Shanghai


In line with its name, Nomad is an eclectic combination of Bedouin and Mongolian tribal influences, Middle Eastern fare, and a truly impressive alcohol selection. The food is exotic and the cocktail menu comes with a coordinate plane to help you figure out exactly what to order based on flavor and your mood. Step inside Nomad and try to resist the urge to order the entire menu.


Polo Bar


☎️010 8450 6888-5220

Hours: MON (closed); SUN-THURS 4PM-10PM;


Per person: 98RMB

📍No.1 Xiang Jiang Bei Lu, Chao Yang District


Polo bar is a great place to visit, relax and to enjoy a refreshing cold beer, a selection of premium drinks and top-quality food. With a welcoming atmosphere and tasteful music, you are sure to have a good time at the Polo bar. Specials nights for families, men's beer night or women's cocktail night make this place a quality spot in Beijing!


Now you may have noticed that all our Beijing recommendations are from the same location - the Beijing Riviera. For those of us that aren't familiar with it, it's one of the oldest and most well known villa compounds in Beijing, located in an idyllic, sprawling landscape of greenery.


It's composed of apartments, townhouses, all the exercise facilities you can dream of, with carefully established dining spots that we've introduced in the body of the article. What adds the cherry on top is that they're in cooperation with Greenwave to provide clean water solutions for their clientele.


Check out their official website to learn more about their services!


Clean Water Restaurant stands for these restaurants or bars using purified drinking water for their ice, drinks and foods. The purified drinking water is from reverse osmosis systems and will be with fundamental differences comparing to tap water or simply filtered water. It will be safer, tastier and make foods better.


Tap water (above) VS water after filtration (below).

The following is about the brands we are supporting right now mainly in Shanghai and Beijing, For more information about clean water restaurant and the different brands, please visit


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