Pop into De Refter for a Beer and Bao | 到DE REFTER享用啤酒和餐包

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you’ve had a great day that will continue into an excellent evening with family and friends. For those of us who still don’t have any plans this Thanksgiving – it’s never too late to create some (or add on to them).


Introducing De Refter: a Belgian bar that has recently entered Greenwave’s clean water restaurant program.

推荐DE REFTER—— 一个最近加入Greenwave纯净水餐厅大家庭的比利时酒吧

Drop by De Refter if you want to trade pumpkin pie for something a little stronger…

想尝试些更浓的味道与不一样的食物,可以去DE REFTER试试。

Located right at the heart of Found 158 in Shanghai, this cozy Belgian bar serves a large selection of artisan drinks -- including 14 draft beers. Being a small bar adds to its overall look of sophistication, and despite the limited seating area, you will always feel welcome at De Refter.


Looking past the menu filled with top quality drinks, they also offer a range of small, tasty snacks and meals. The food menu is a cleverly devised medley of fusion foods including baozi with quirky fillings such as pepperoni mozzarella, and bao burgers with a side of Japanese inspired skewers.


De Refter Shanghai is a part of several bars that make up the hotspot that is Found 158. Mark it down for the next night out!

上海Found158是沪上热点商圈之一, De Refter是该Found158的热点之一。请一定记下这个值得你光顾的地方!

Open 4PM-2AM / (021) 3230 2595

📍 B1/F, 158 Julu Lu, near Ruijin Yi Lu

巨鹿路158号B1楼, 近瑞金一路

Beijing’s installment of De Refter offers a similar range of food and drinks to Shanghai’s, and is also located in a lively environment surrounded by other bars in Sanlitun. All the Belgium beers here are also delicately crafted and full of flavor -- the drink menu is hefty, to say the least, and you will be spoiled for choice.

DE REFTER北京店酒水饮料和食物选择与上海店大体相似,位于具有超人气的区域-三里屯。这里所有的比利时啤酒都是精选的品种,选择众多。

Beijing's De Refter, being much larger, has a bar area where food is limited to bar snacks and a larger seating area to enjoy the top-notch quality food. The food menu, similar to Shanghai’s, brings together dishes from all over the world to serve you brand new fusions that merge the best of two worlds.


Open 5:30PM-2AM / 186 1037 6761

📍 Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu (across from Q Mex) Chaoyang District


With the installation of several water filters, De Refter now uses the purest water in China for drinking, cooking and cleaning - all free of heavy metals, chlorine, and other impurities.

作为Greenwave纯净水餐厅大家庭的一员,DE REFTER使用了诸多净水设备。不管是饮用水、烹饪用水还是日常清洁用水,所有都经过深度过滤,水质纯净,不含重金属、余氯和其他杂质,你可以放心。

Tap water (above) VS water after filtration (below).

普通自来水VS净化过的水 二者对比

The quality of water used in the kitchens is of special concern. At Greenwave, we ensure the water used for ingestion is healthy and fresh in order to bring out the tastiest of flavors from the delicious food served at De Refter.

厨房用水值得重视,因为那关系着食物的安全与食客的健康。Greenwave为DE REFTER安装的净水设备将最大程度提升用水品质、保证食物最纯正的美味。

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