Thanksgiving Lucky Draw & Mask-erade! 感恩节幸运抽奖 & 口罩清仓活动

Now that we’ve been well and truly lulled into complacency by the ready availability of pumpkin spice – does anyone realize Thanksgiving is right around the corner? Between busy schedules and the sometimes claustrophobic press of a foreign city, sometimes we forget to carve out time for positive energy.


It’s Thanksgiving week, and we’re thinking positive!


We’re thankful for our family, who’s been with us through thick and thin, we’re thankful for our friends, who’ve always given us that hand up when we needed it… and we’re thankful for you, because Greenwave wouldn’t be where it is without your support.


So we’ve decided to show our appreciation a little more substantially --


In order to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, we are doing a lucky draw. To participate all you need to do is complete a short two-minute survey concerning any feedback you may have about Greenwave and then out of all the participants, there will be three lucky winners. Each winner will get one out of the following prizes:


Greenwave wants to do many things in the future and it is with the support of our loyal clients that we can achieve what we do. Feedback is very important to us as we are always looking to improve our services for our clients benefit.


Please follow the link below or scan the QR code to enter the survey!

Along with our lucky draw we have a promotion on some of our air filter products. The IDmask and the Cambridge Masks will both get a 30% discount off their regular price, from today till next Tuesday (December 3rd).


With winter upon us and the pollution hard to avoid, this is the perfect time to purchase these particulate filtering masks to protect you and your family from cold-weather city smog.


If you have any inquiries to make about water safety and are wondering if we're doing any promotions on related products, feel free to ask our customer service team! (QR code at the end of the page)


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