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If you’ve been on this account for a cetain amount of time, you’re bound to have seen the Clean Water Restaurant (CWR) around. Like many others, you might be interested as well in what that means, why Greenwave does it and what the existent restaurants use clean water inside, etc.

如果您关注了我们一段时间,Clean Water Restaurant纯净水餐厅应该不是第一次看到。跟很多朋友一样,您可能也好奇纯净水餐厅到底有什么不同、为什么Greenwave要去投入精力以及目前市场上用水水质很不一样的餐厅有哪些等等。

This is the comprehensive guide to Clean Water Restaurant and all related!


A Clean Water Restaurant (CWR) is a restaurant using only purified drinking water through RO systems for consumer consumption in the form of prepared food or drinks – yes,that includes the ice. Comparing to the commonly used carbon or ultra filtration filters, the purified drinking water through will be much cleaner.

简单来说, CWR纯净水餐厅是完全使用逆渗透设备净化的纯净直饮水来制冰、做咖啡饮料以及准备食物的餐厅。与使用常用活性炭或超滤净水器的相同相比,纯净水餐厅的水质要干净的多。

The reverse osmosis (RO) filters are what ensure tap water is turned into an environmentally friendly, completely safe alternative to bottled water.


The CWR then becomes a part of our CWR project, which, not just in line with our company goal of helping as many people get the clean water they need, but brings bonus benefits to the restaurant itself. The certificate we provide with the project itself draws positive attention from health-conscious clients, and Greenwave also provides free promotional efforts.


Greenwave has supplied families and offices with water filtration services for near a decade, and through our interactions with our clients, we learned of a common concern: if we have to take steps to ensure the water in our homes is safer for usage, what guarantee is there to be found when dining out with our families?


When we reached out to restaurants, we found those same concerns echoed by chefs cooking for such establishments. We’ve interviewed a chef de cuisine initially at Park Hyatt who held the belief that clean water must be used in every part of the kitchen – and we’ve taken it to heart.

当我们在尝试联系一些餐厅的时候,发现部分厨师对日常用水是有类似的担忧。上海Park Hyatt的西餐总厨就是我们联系过的其中一位。几年前,他说餐饮的高品质服务必须以餐饮过程中每个环节使用净水为前提条件-这一点我们默默记在了心里。

Thus, the Clean Water Restaurant was born.

后来, CWR纯净水餐厅就诞生了。

We take pride in our adaptability. When restaurants have faced issues with limited space and water usage, we stepped forward with customized RO systems. RO systems are the widely accepted filters that can produce clean drinking water, consisting of five filters. Each filter has its own separate job. The customized RO systems are more compact in size, ensurable in longevity and faster in water production and thus more suitable for the restaurants and bars.


Stage 1 第一级 - PP fiber/PP棉

Removes dirt, rust, and sand


Stage 2 第二级 - Granular activated carbon


Removes smells, chlorine and pesticides as well as small sized particles


Stage 3 第三级 - Sintered activated carbon


Further removes all the previous substance and reduces the pressure of RO


Stage 4 第四级 - Reverse osmosis membrane


Removes all heavy metals, becteria,etc, leaving only pure water through


Stage 5 第五级 - Post granular activated carbon


Polishs the taste and removes any residuals


A simple water quality measurement is total dissolved solids (TDS), measured in mg/L, where the lowest value indicates the water's cleanliness. A Clean Water Restaurant’s water will have a very low TDS quantity compared to a normal restaurant in China. (Comparable to all bottled water through tap water sources)


Reverse osmosis technology guarantees a higher quality for the water used, but not only: smell and taste are also significantly improved thanks to this system.


After nearly 10 years of experience in water filtration, we became highly competent ambassadors for cleaner water in China. With hundreds of restaurants served since its creation, the CWR project has proven to be a success. Regular water quality check, filter change are secured to make sure the high water quality standard once a CWR certificate is obtained, and this in turn will bring a lot of new customers to the venues, concerned for their health outside their homes.


The CWR project acts as a safe haven for families worried about their health, a rampart against the subpar quality of water in China and its results on people’s well-being.


Starting from the month of July, 2018, Greenwave implemented a voucher program. Restaurants now have the option to pay for our services in 100RMB vouchers which could be used with no date, time and quantity restrictions though with expiry dates(Detailed usage could be referred to the discription on the voucher).For restaurants, this both eases financial strain… and brings them more customers.


It’s no secret that Greenwave often uses these vouchers as gifts to show appreciation to our clients for their support. This way, restaurants gain more circulation, and we get to provide our customers with the opportunity to excavate new favorite Friday night foods and drinks to unwind with.


Partial list of Clean Water Restaurants Greenwave supports in Shanghai and Beijing could be seen in the following. More and detailed info could be read here


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