Drinking Water Solutions for Office&Fitness Centers | 办公与健身场所直饮水方案

You may know Greenwave from our help in providing water filtration services to many houses in China. You may also know Greenwave from our presence in many restaurants and bars in Shanghai and Beijing. Yes. That’s what we do.


Actually, we also help corporate offices and fitness centers as well as clinics and so on to fulfill their drinking water needs! Some of the renowned names on the list are Imax, Canadian Consulate Shanghai, Bristish Council Shanghai, Element Plus, JLL, AEG,Education First, Struers, H2O, Holmatro, PureLiving, Control Risks, Profile Asia, Jed Textile, SAE, CIM, Pure Yoga, Z&B, B&C, the Clinic, Jiahui Clinic,美最时,French House and 上海市规划与国土资源管理局.

其实,我们也为企业办公室与健身场所等提供专业的净水(空气净化)服务!我们过去服务的部分知名品牌与单位有Imax、加拿大领馆(上海)、英国领事馆(上海)、Element Plus、仲量联行, AEG, 英孚教育, Struers, H2O, 荷马特, 境纯、Control Risks、ProfileAsia、Jed Textile、 SAE、CIM、Pure Yoga、Z&B、B&C、 the Clinic、嘉会诊所、美最时、法居与上海市规划与国土资源管理局等。

We are so happy to provide our drinking water services to more offices and fitness centers this year, giving their employees and guests access to clean fresh drinking water with remarkable efficiency! Two of the new important clients are Roundabout and Opposite House.


Roundabout is a nation-wide charity that operates in all corners of China, distributing donated items and raising funds for the needy. They use Greenwave drinking water purifier and pipeline water dispenser in their warehouse and office. Opposite House Hotel is a luxury hotel widely regarded as the ideal place to stay when out for leisure. It now uses Greenwave drinking water purifiers and water coolers for its fitness center and staff canteen.

众爱(Roundabout)是一家全国范围运作的慈善机构,为有需要的人群提供捐赠物发放和筹集善款, 目前在仓库与办公区域中使用Greenwave的直饮水机与管线饮水机。北京瑜舍(The Opposite House Hotel )是太古集团旗下一家专门为休闲度假人士打造的高端奢华型酒店,目前在其健身房与员工餐厅中使用Greenwave的直饮水机与冷水器等。

It is becoming more and more popular for environmentally conscious offices and fitness centers to get drinking water solutions implemented to meet their water needs – and it is a simple solution!


Usually, we install drinking water purifiers underneath the sinks with the purified water sprouts at the side of the sink for cold purified drinking water. For those in need of cold or hot water, something extra such as a water heater, water cooler, pipeline water dispenser (wall amounted or standing alone) will be needed.


Filtration Solution 净化方案 #1

For those with enough space under the sink and in need of hot or chilly water, an instant water heater or cooler can be installed underneath as well to go with the drinking water purifier.


Filtration Solution 净化方案 #2

For those with no enough space under the sink besides the drinking water purifier or who want just something in the outside for the chilly or hot water, a standing or wall-mounted dispenser, or on the counter water boiler could be used.


Filtration Solution 净化方案 #3

In case there is no sink, no space under the sink or if you don’t want anything to be placed under the sink, the standing-alone water dispenser with in-built drinking water purifier will be a good solution!


Notes 备注:

Some accessories such as leakage alarms and customized waste water plates will be needed in most cases. For those having coffee machines, water boilers or ice makers and so on, purified drinking water could be connected to these directly through some pipes installation. If the WELL certification is applied, Greenwave will help ensure the water quality meet all the standards.


As an environmental company, Greenwave does the filtration not just as a business, but also for better environment. We encourage business owners and individuals to choose a more eco friendly operation and to live by switching from bottled to purified water with assured better water quality through proper filtration. The solution is neither expensive, nor complicated. What’s more, much less plastic will be used, and if applied properly, it will also help reducing a lot of logistical hassle and 30%+ of spending for drinking water.

作为一家推崇环保的公司, Greenwave不仅仅将净化当做生意来做,我们更是为了更好的环境。为此,我们一直推动家庭与企业等将瓶装水转换到净化直饮水。净化直饮水既不贵也不复杂。此外,那将大大减少塑料的使用与浪费,而且如果落实得当的话,还会大大减少日常使用麻烦、降低30%以上的用水成本等。

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