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It’s winter, it’s cold, and you need a welcoming place which can help you get through those dark and sad nights of December? If you have a love of cuisine packed with flavor, then go for Latin cuisine!


Have a tasty ride as this diversification in culture will bring a spark in your monotonous routine. If you want to experience something equally adventurous and tempting, Spanish and South American restaurants are the place to go. This type of cuisine has won the hearts of many with its outstanding ambiance, delivery, presentation, and taste. The welcoming vibes are a sure way of uplifting your mood as you enjoy your meal with your loved ones!


Our meat lovers may already know and love Latina from our previous publications - so here is a list of six other clean water restaurants which can lift your mood and make you dance “la salsa” through winter!




El Willy is an exotic Spanish restaurant in Shanghai, China, that is famous for its mouth-watering dishes. From sizzling appetizers to main courses, El Willy comes with a promise to excite your tastebuds with its flavorful load of spices and zest that are essential components of any Spanish dish. A team of highly professional experts has a motto of “One team, one dream” and are always looking forward to keeping a witty and fun environment that keeps the customers happy. With many creative projects, El Willy has been beautifully groomed into an exotic place full of chicness and flavor in the culinary industry.

El Willy是上海地区小有名气的西班牙风味餐厅,其菜肴也很有特色-大量使用的西班牙香料和调味品,无论是餐前小吃还是主菜都会呈现给你不一样的味觉感受。餐厅主创团队的工作格言是“同一团队,同一梦想”-他们每天都在努力给顾客制造各种惊喜和愉悦的体验。各种有趣的主题互动或小游戏一定会给您留下难忘的回忆。

Tomatito encompasses gastronomy from the entire South American continent and Spain. It is essentially a tapas bar with a lot more, including traditional Spanish delights such as patatas bravas, tortillas and albondigas. All the food has a personal touch by Willy Trullas Moreno (the founder) himself, making the whole Tomatito experience more authentic. The menu doesn’t stop there, with Peruvian inspired tiraditos ands cervices, paella and grilled fish and meal. This can all be savored on the mall terrace looking over Xintiandi Park.

Tomatito餐厅带有浓烈的西班牙和南美风情的美食元素-它提供地道的西班牙小吃,例如西班牙烤小土豆、煎玉米饼,更有传统的西班牙大餐供您大快朵颐。所有的菜品选择都来自创始人Willy Trullas的个人灵感,感谢其付出的巨大努力确保所有食材的地道风味。除了西班牙美食,该餐厅亦提供秘鲁风味菜肴-例如传统秘鲁肉餐饭、烤鱼和正餐。餐厅位于商城露台上,下面的新天地公园景观一览无余。

Peruvian cuisine at the heart of Shanghai with the prolific Eduardo Vargas being the brains behind the project. This restaurant doesn’t just serve purely Peruvian food, several dishes are inspired by Spain, the Mediterranean and the rest of South America. You can find it located on the top of a brand new eight floor building with beautiful views of the Shanghai skyline, the rooftop patio is the perfect place to enjoy tasty tapas or share a platter or cheese and charcuterie.

坐落在上海中心地带,来自秘鲁的风味餐厅Azul Tapas,由著名的Eduardo Vargas先生亲自参与设计。这家餐厅不仅提供纯正的秘鲁菜肴,还有一些地中海、西班牙和南美风情的美食同样不可错过。该餐厅正好位于一幢8层小楼的顶层,露台上就餐的同时可以享受大上海不错的景观-带上朋友或家人一起来这里享用西班牙小吃或芝士拼盘都会非常有情调!



Introducing Beijing’s very first Peruvian restaurant, after a long time of being a pop-up food service, Pachapapi has finally settled down and made a base for a wonderful restaurant and business future. Enjoy authentic Peruvian cuisine with freshly prepared salads, ceviche and sushi rolls accompanied by traditional cocktails with plenty of treats for your taste buds along the way.

作为北京地区首家秘鲁风情餐厅,在多年快餐经验的积累下,Pachapapi 开始进入正餐领域并显露伸手。新鲜的秘鲁风味沙拉,酸橘汁腌鱼、南美寿司手卷和传统风味鸡尾酒为您开启南美美食之旅。

For delicious Mexican delights, head down to Qmex Beijing. This quirky bar and grill is certain to satisfy your rumbling stomach with classic Mexican dishes such as fajitas, enchiladas and tacos witha modern twist presented stylishly. With great deals and prices on steak, pizzas and burritos throughout the week you are sure to find a dish you love. Don’t miss the bar serving drinks from traditional beers such as Carlsberg and Hoegaarden to cocktails from some of Beijing’s best mixologists.


Another Mexican food-house with specialty foods, from the guys behind a pre-existing clean water restaurant Bottega. We present El Barrio. A passionate Mexican restaurant where all food is made with love with a purpose of comfort. Mexican classic including fajitas, tacos and nachos which can be enjoyed inside or outside on the terrace in good weather. A place where you can have a wonderful party filled with tequila or have a lovely evening dinner in an old-style, ornate setting.

作为北京另一家同样小有名气的墨西哥餐厅,El Barrio的食物充满了爱与温馨。餐厅室内室外都有不错的位置,点一盘墨西哥玉米片或者鸡肉卷,和喜欢的人在这里度过一个慵懒的下午,欣赏一下这个城市的风景,也是人生一大乐事。



Those restaurants are not just limited to taste and ambiance, their collaboration with Greenwave makes them accredited places that follow quality standards of cleanliness. Greenwave is an eco-friendly service that aims to provide purified water to consumers. Therefore, it is safe to say those restaurants guarantee the provision of clean and purified water to their customers.


Tap water (above) VS water after filtration (below).

普通自来水VS净化过的水 二者对比

This purified water supply in the restaurant ensures safe cooking methods through the prevention of the spread of disease-causing agents in the food and drinks. It happens mainly in the food served raw and cold, where a little carelessness can cause disease.


So, whether you are in Shanghai or Beijing, do go for these mesmerizing and funky places which have delicious and exciting meals for all people, a taste you will never forget, and inevitably come back to have more.


The following is about the brands we are supporting right now mainly in Shanghai and Beijing. For more information about clean water restaurant and the different brands, please visit:


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