...and a Happy New Year!

Tonight is the night!


A night of joy, celebration of the past achievements and the challenges to come…


We would like to thank all our customers, partners and friends for the support and great encouragement throughout the years–especially 2019. This year has seen the further improved performance of a green company and also an increasing number of new people and partners participating in the cleaner water efforts!


The whole Greenwave team bears the environmental concept in mind from the first day of operation and will never stop carrying it on. In the past year, both of Shanghai and Beijing service teams moved further in replacing the oil guzzing transportation tools into electronic ones. When upgrading the product, we considered the enviromental impact as well and minimized the unnecessary use of the new plastic components. To reduce the plastic use, Greenwave joined the Green Initiative's Better Water Campaign and launched some competitive rental services for drinking water purifiers. These are not just enviromentally friendly, but also help the users save the spending and logistic hassle time by time.


Almost 12,000 clients visits were made in the year of 2019 in order to fulfill more needs from the clients, either families, restaurants or offices and so on. That sets the new record for our services in history within a year, with a general of 28% increase comparing to last year.


More families 更多家庭用户

An always increasing number of families are being serviced by Greenwave every year, and 2019 is no exception. We've seen exponential growth over the decade. We are proud to have fulfilled their need for cleaner water, especially with our new ClearFallX which has been highly praised by many people suffering from skin and hair issues.


The ClearFallX (top) and UltraShower (bottom) this year’s successful new addition to your bathroom!

More restaurants 更多餐厅用户

More restaurants were using cleaner purified drinking water for their ice, drinks and foods, and welcomed into the Clean Water Restaurant project, guaranteeing cleaner water outside people’s homes. Present in Shanghai and Beijing as well as some other cities, we would like to expand it to more cities in the months to come!


Here is a partial list of the representative restaurants:


More offices, etc 更多办公用户等

It's not just restaurants that find use for our purified drinking water. As environmental awareness increases locally, establishments such as offices, hotels, hospitals and even schools are looking to Greenwave for a greener solution. Some of our representative clients include the ICVS, H20, Element plus, Control Risks. Or you can just take a look at the chart below!

不光是家庭与餐厅需要直饮水,鉴于环保深入人心,更多的企业办公室、酒店、医院与学校等也选择了我们的服务。一些代表性的客户有北京新天地国际动物医院、 H20、化险公司与Element plus等。下面是我司服务的更多用户名单。

The Beijing opposite house - a famous hotel in Sanlitun Beijing, had a water filtration system installed for both their fitness centre and staff canteen. This is a great success for us, and we hope to find similar partners in the future!

北京瑜舍the Beijing Opposite House是位于三里屯区域的一家人气酒店,其健身房和员工餐厅都安装了我们的净水系统。这对于我们来说意义非凡,我们希望在不久的将来能与更多的伙伴共同发展进步!

Events - be it sponsoring or hosting them - are important to us, since they give us a platform to share info to help people on air and water quality problems in China. Here is a list of all the events we joined this year, and as you can see, Greenwave was everywhere in Shanghai and Beijing! Do not hesitate to meet us in 2020 and share your water and air experiences and doubts with us!


Shanghai 2019 Events

Beijing 2019 Events

So are the articles we do on wechat accounts. We tried to help share as much info as possible for our knowledge and experiences in water filtration. Instead of delivering threatening messages to drive people to buy, we hope people could understand the real issue, the options and then select what they need and are suitable to them.


We hope this past year has been as beneficial to you as to us, and that 2020 will be full of surprises and happy events!


And remember, if you want this New Year’s Eve to last all night, one glass of wine, one glass of water, purified of course!


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