Ascott Goes for Fresher Drinking Water with Less Plastic Waste!

We are very proud to announce our newest partnership with Ascott Raffles City Beijing!

With this cooperation, every serviced apartment in the hotel will be equipped with the Alatai Drinking Water Purifier, guaranteeing clean purified water to Ascott clients!

This is a big milestone for both companies, and we are glad that through this endeavor, many more people will gain access to a better and safer water in Beijing.




Be like Ascott, use Greenwave’s water filtration systems in your venues!



Clean Water Everywhere in Your Hotel and More!


We have solutions for every area in your hotel, for more convenience for both your customers and staff. Gaining access to clean water in China is a luxury, one that you will provide!


Many hotels such as the Hilton Beijing, Grand Hyatt Beijing, Marriot Beijing, Opposite House and East Hotel under the Swire group, W hotel Guangzhou, JC Mandarin, Kerry and Westin Shanghai have the existence of our water filters, which we feel is a great opportunity to push environmental consciousness and safety forward!

许多酒店的客房、健身房或餐厅,比如北京希尔顿酒店、北京东方君悦大酒店、北京瑜舍与东隅酒店(太古里集团旗下酒店)、广州 w 酒店和上海文华东方, 嘉里中心与威斯汀酒店等,都已经有我们净水设备的使用。我们觉得这是一个很好推动环保和安全意识的机会

For Offices


For Fitness Centers


For Restaurants/Canteen


Serviced apartments and hotels are not the only type of venues we provide with clean water. Our expertise extends to many corporations in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, from yoga centers to health clinics!


And of course, we need to mention the numerous restaurants we partner with through the CWR (Clean Water Restaurant) initiative, which grew considerably throughout the years!


Learn more about the CWR initiative:


Promote Your Use of Clean Water


We want to help you promote your decision of using clean water for your customers’ benefit.

Through a tailor-made article and some promotional materials, you will be sure to reach more people!


Those are some examples of the materials we will provide you with, to inform your customers about your will to improve their way of life and environment!



Why use our Reverse-Osmosis system?


Enjoy the best of filtration in China with Greenwave’s reverse osmosis system, one of the most advanced filtration systems in the market. With BPA-free plastic, imported reverse osmosis membrane and remineralization filter, this system will make sure that your room will have the best water quality, free of heavy metals and with minerals.


The 6-stage filtration system uses components of the highest quality possible including BPA-FREE plastic, Dow Chemical RO filter and post re-mineralization filter, removing all heavy metals and other impurities first. It then brings some healthy minerals back while adjusting the PH range and water taste. The water purified by this system has been independently tested by third parties over the years and is suitable for drinking and cooking directly.



Sustainability and living Green!


Eco-friendliness is one of the key elements to a sustainable and overall better future, for everyone. Reducing carbon footprint and plastic bottles expenses is a step more and more companies take in order to meet the increasing requirements of guests and clients in terms of going green and preserving the environment. A reverse-osmosis water filtration system is very useful in that sense, reducing the amount of plastic bought and secondary pollution, to enjoy a simple drink! This goes well in hand with the new Beijing policies on garbage treatment and qualifications, which show that bottles are indeed one of the most frequently seen garbage pieces and need to be reduced considerably.


Providing you with a safe, easy to use and cost-friendly drinking clean water solution is something that Greenwave prides itself on, and we are happy to see that more venues support this endeavor whole-heartedly.



More Solutions to Improve Your Services


Drinking Water Purifiers are not the only type of filter we provide. Tap water in China is not recommended to drink as it contains lots of chlorine, metals, and other impurities. Even for cleaning, it won’t make a good choice either without proper filtration.

We have a selection of products adapted to your various needs, from showering to laundering, check our different website sections to learn more!


Other solutions Greenwave offers 其他净化方案

  • Air solutions for indoor environment: air purifiers, VOC treatment, (de-)humidifiers.


  • Air solutions for outdoor environment: face masks, vehicle air purifiers.


  • Water & Air laboratory testing services.


We hope this new partnership with the Ascott Raffles City Beijing constitutes the start of many more fruitful collaborations, for people to drink clean water everywhere in China!

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