Back To School Events In Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing & Guangzhou!

Yes, normal life is definitely coming back, even for kids! No more holidays, it is time to go back to school and learn new things! This year has been a real roller-coaster, and which better way is there to get a fresh start than to go back to meet old friends and acquaintances at fun events?


To celebrate this new beginning, a large number of events are happening in the beginning of September, and here is a small compilation of the most interesting and fun-looking ones.



Shanghai Events



Shanghai 123 is always a safe bet regarding informative events in the city. All the different topics you need to learn about will be touched upon during the 3 days on September 18, 23 and 25. So come with your questions for any of the following topics, and meet qualified people ready to answer them! We will of course be there to tell you everything you need to know about the water quality in China and the solutions you can find for its issues…


Grand Accueil

This is an event on September 10 for French people, by French people, with French people… Taking place in the French consul’s residence, you can discover a great number of activities and tips, while of course enjoying some delicious French culinary specialties (who said wine and cheese?)…


Commune market

The Commune Market on September 19 and 20 is happening in Yong Ping Lane, with as usual during Commune Market events, a great number of interesting and exotic booths, from artisanal decorations and jewelry to gourmet food and drinks stands!

以本地设计师作品为主的Commune market活动将于9月18日19日在永平里举行。像往常一样,在Commune market,会有许多有趣而充满异国风情的商户,从手工饰品到美食美食和饮料摊!

Concordia new parent welcome

The Concordia New Parent Welcome event is the main event of September for the Concordia International School on September 16. New members of the school will be welcome to attend in order to understand the basic and most important school year details.


Italian Souvenir

The GoodItaly organization is back for even more Italian fun, this time in Columbia Circle, with “Italian Souvenir” on September 18, 19 and 20! Celebrate together the end of the summer with authentic Italian food and delicacies, as well as some special shows and games!


American school INFO Fair

Enjoy exclusive offers and discounts during the Info Fair of SAS Pudong of September 18, from no less than 30 different brands! Expect a diverse selection of offers, from trips to high-end products!



Beijing Events


Hutong community market

The Hutong Community Market on September 12 is home to a lot of sponsors presenting a large selection of products and fun activities, such as jewelry, skin products, postcards and many artisanal food ones, Chineseand foreign!


Female health empowerment

This event on September 12 and 13 is bringing different groups of women to learn about each other, with the help of local health resources and different fields professionals, whose primary goal will be to provide accessible resources to all attendees. Find us there to help you with your water and air issues!


HALO market

Pet adoption, Art healing, Eco environment, zero waste, Handmade and Public Benefit are the main themes of the HALO market in Beijing on September 12, 19, 20, 26 and 27! We expect a lot of attendance there, those topics being very popular in recent times.



Nanjing Event


NIC annual family BBQ

The Nanjing International Club is celebrating its 30 years creation with a big event on September 26, their annual family BBQ atthe Shangri-La in Nanjing! Free for members, this event promises a lot of fun, gifts and activities, and of course delicious food!



Guangzhou Event


GWIC annual meet and greet

There will be 2 sessions on September 23 afternoon and September 24 evening respectively in Caffe’ Mondo, Four Seasons Hotel. The purpose of the events is to welcome new members into the GWIC community and to welcome back returning members. For new members, the Meet and Greet event sets their first impression of life in Guangzhou and as part of our GWIC community.



More with Greenwave


We are very much looking forward to meeting you at all these events, during which you can come and ask us for anything related to Water & Air! Besides, you can join our Expats Meet Experts workshops if you are in Shanghai and Beijing.


And now… back to school!


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