Choose Greenwave For your Cleaner Water & Air Needs In China

Whether you have been living in China for some time or just arrived here, you should by now be aware that tap water in China is not recommended, neither for drinking nor cleaning, as it contains lots of chlorine, sediments and other impurities including metals.


Water will appear rusty, with a strong smell, and might make a lot of stain marks on taps and glasses. Similarly, sediments will fill boilers bottoms, making the boiled water distasteful and still unfit for regular consumption. When touching your skin, the high levels of chlorine will make it dry and itchy, while damaging your hair, making it brittle and loosing volume.


To solve the problems and provide cleaner water for families, Greenwave provides an extensive line of filters and services since March 2010. In the meanwhile, the free indoor consultation, customized solutions, professional support and in time help for filter change and moving across the cities in China will bring the utmost peaceful mind for all users. If you are among these people with similar issues and concern, you are welcome to read below and contact us.



Why Is Greenwave different?


Easy communication

We speak both English, French and Chinese. Soon we will provide Japanese and Korean language support. We can not just understand you, but also explain things clearly to you in the language you understand.


Professional and experienced

We have dealt with lots of complex cases over the past 10 years for families, fitness centers, restaurants, offices, schools and so on.


Wider range of filters

Meeting every need and budget for families, restaurants, offices, hotels, etc. End users could not just find filters from us, but also get the replacements and accessories for what they have.


Customized solutions

Customized filters, taps and adaptors are available for special fittings.


Constant personalized support

We remind you, service your systems regularly andprovide moving support. Whenever there is a need, no matter if’s in the nightsor holidays, we will always be there to support and help as needed.


Wider cities coverage

We operate all over China, so feel free to contact usif you have needs.


Free consultation and testings

Free indoor consultation and testings over water and air will be provided. You don't need to buy anything which potentially do not fit or meet the needs.


Rental options

Renting service is available for water air air products for these who will live here for a short period of time or just want to try first before the purchase.



Voices of Greenwave users to hear


Customer service and efficient installations are very important to us, and it is definitely reflected in how our customers feel about us! Find some testimonials highlighting their satisfaction below: 快速的客户服务和高效的安装效率是重中之重,这些肯定会反映在客户对我们的积极评价当中!分享一部分客户的满意反馈:


Extra care for the satisfaction


Continued testings

Every year, we get lab to test the water to ensure the water is good. Clients are welcomed to do that as well for peaceful mind. For users, we also test the water during each filter change service.


Upgraded filters

We upgrade our water filtration systems regularly, finding new technologies to always improve your experience with us!


Free gadgets

Free customized adapters, accessories and testing kits: we increasingly make the enlarged list of things free for all clients, to thank for our users more.


Water guidance

As one kind of recognition, we are invited to do talks about water quality in China in the international schools, Chambers, Shanghai123, Beijing Arrival survival and many more other events!



Greenwave representative clients


Over the past 10 years, a total of 16,000 users have been using our services in 35 cities of China including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen(Data till Oct 10 of 2020). Most of them are from different embassies, consulates, international schools, local governments and fortune 500 companies.


Corporate clients 集团客户

Among these, Irish Embassy, Slovanian Embassy, British council, Finland Consulate,Nike and some other international companies under NDA are hiring Greenwave for standard cleaner water services for their management team members.


Restaurants 餐饮客户

We feel that in order to give access to clean drinking water to a maximum of people, allowing restaurants to use cleaner purified drinking water for their ice, drinks and foods, will guarantee cleaner water outside people’s homes. Present in Shanghai and Beijing as well as some other cities, we would like to expand it to more cities in the months to come!


Check the website below to learn a lot more about this Greenwave project:


Offices, hotels and more 办公酒店等

As environmental awareness increases locally, establishments such as offices, hotels, hospitals and even schools and loca governmental offices are looking to Greenwave for a greener solution. Some of our representative clients include the Ascott, Imax, ICVS, H20, Element plus, Control Risks.

不仅仅是餐厅在使用我们的纯净水设备。随着当地环保及健康意识的增强,办公室、酒店、医院甚至学校、政府单位等机构都在使用Greenwave的产品。我们的一些代表客户包括雅诗阁、Imax、ICVS,、H20、 Element plus、 Control Risks


Greenwave Water & Air solutions


Water filtration solutions 净水方案

With 10 years of experiences, Greenwave does both point of entry and point of use solutions covering all round of filtration choices including 基于过去10年的经验,Greenwave根据需要会提供中央与分点净水解决方案,涵盖的产品有:

· Central water filters/water softeners 中央净水/软水器

· Drinking water purifiers 直饮水机

· Shower filters and softeners 沐浴器

· Faucet filters 水龙头净水器

· Laundry and dishwasher filters 洗衣机净水器

· Instant water heaters and water coolers 热饮机/冷水器

· Pipeline water dispensers 管线饮水机

These are not just suitable for families, some of them are also good for businesses including restaurants, fitness centers, offices and hotels and so on.


Air filtration solution 空气净化方案

No matter for outdoor or indoor air, considering issues about the PM, humidity or VOCs, or there is need of fresh air, monitor or automated machine for the expected performance for cleaner air, we can do something about it. What we cover includes :


· Disposable and reusable face masks 口罩

· Air filters like Blueair, Medic filter 空气净化器

· Humidifiers/dehumidifiers 加湿/除湿机

· Fresh air system 新风系统

· Air quality monitor 空气监测

· VOC treatment VOC治理

· Air con cleaning and so on 空气清洁等

Other services

For these who need laboratory water and air testings or need to apply for WELL/Reset certification and so on for the projects, we could help suggest the list of items to test and get all the parameters meet for the standards. Other services related to cleaner water and air may be provided as well if asked.



Greenwave offices and contacts


After operating in Shanghai and Beijing for years and serving clients in many other cities in China, we are very happy to share the news that our new office in Guangzhou is now becoming a reality! It will serve clients in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and Dongguan more efficiently.

Greenwave在上海和北京运营多年,并为中国许多其他城市的客户提供服务。我们非常高兴与大家分享一个好消息:Greenwave在广州办公室已成立! 它将为广州、深圳、佛山、东莞等地的客户提供更高效、更优质的服务。

For the clients or potential ones living in cities like Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, etc., our projected future will be to operate in West and Central China as well. Please use our service contractors for the time being, under the same standard. We will be able to support you ourselves in the near future.



Get in touch with Greenwave


If you have any need for Greenwave filters or services, or want to know more about the differences between Greenwave options and other branded products, please do not hesitate to contact us through wechat or to call us at 13621935343 for an appointment. Our professional English speaking service team will come and help you out!


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