Cleaner Water Solutions for Embassies and Consulates

Over the past 10 years, we helped installing filtration for a lot of people from/entities including fortune 500 companies, international schools, fitness centers, hotels, restaurants as well as embassies and consulates. Over time, we realized that the latter are now among the entities active in taking the initiative to support their working families and place with cleaner water, while being better for the environment.


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Embassies and consulates representatives


We cooperate with some embassies and consulates over the years, currently helping the following to provide cleaner water to their staff:


We also serve a large number of individual families working in various other embassies and consulates:



Water solutions for working staff


Health of the family members is among the top concern for these moving their family members here in China. To get the water secured is one thing we could help and that will never be overdone for the peaceful mind. An ensemble of water filters could be provided to embassy or consulate's officials and their families, from drinking water purifiers to faucet filters, from shower filters to laundry filters. This makes sure the whole family can enjoy the best water quality everywhere in the house, water purified of pollutants for drinking, chlorine-free for showering, rust free water for clothes washing and so on, an important move forward!



Water solutions for working place


Bottled water is still the most often used source for drinking water in the working places. It is neither fresh nor environmental. Let alone the high cost and the fact that inevitable secondary pollution and reports over fake water are there time by time. Some good solutions for changing it are readily there.


Better to disinfect dispensers often and get bottled water from reliable sources


A combination of drinking water purifiers and water heaters/ coolers or dispensers as needed will be a good choice though the machines could be placed in different ways. This choice will not just make water use much more environmental and less costly, it will also bring a lot more convenience and efficiency. These are good for the working places.


Based on the needs for water temperature high or low, space big or small, water use points multiple or single and also water use quantity, a customized solution covering the drinking water purifiers, dispensers, leakage alarms and so on will be provided, which will for sure meet the expected effectiveness.



Water solutions for canteens


For these with canteens inside, water filtration is the part we strongly recommend to consider more or improve the effectiveness further. Water quality will be so important that quality of coffee, ice and foods will be affected almost directly.


Through commercial reverse osmosis system with suitable purification capacity and the special pipelines, the purified drinking water will be transmitted to coffee and beverage machines, ice makers or cooking areas, satifiying needs for all drinks, ice and foods. Every drop of water taken into stomach could be secured at its most and give the utmost reassurance.


One example of our commercial RO system!

The following is a list of restaurants using our commercial RO systems


Other solutions might helpful as well


Greenwave has these above water solutions to help with filtration needs. Together with our free on-site visit, we will provide customized solutions to answer your filtration issues. Even better, we do not only do water filtration, but can also help you with air filtration, covid-19 package, air con cleaning, VOC treatment and more!


Reach our customer service team for a personalized meeting and quotation!


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