Enjoy French Cuisine Made With Cleaner Water!

“Quand l’appetit va tout va !” (When the appetite is content, so is everything else!)


Yes, food is an essential part of the French culture, and as such, universally acclaimed. From delicate pastries to crunchy rotisseries, without even mentioning the sacred cheese-bread-wine combination, populations from all over the world are willing to travel to France to taste these impressive feats of culinary art.


Luckily for you, no need to travel to the other side of the world to get access to these flavors! Some amazing French restaurants are available to the curious palates in Shanghai and Beijing, and even better, they come with clean purified drinking water! Take a look below to find the perfect mix between the French taste and a healthy appetite…



French Cuisine in Shanghai




Coquille is a seafood bistro designed to impress the eye and palate. The restaurant is ornately beautiful with its mosaic floors, brass, and marble décor. The menu is packed with all the seafood dishes you can ask for – and more, with delicious steaks like beef Wellington to cater to people not quite in the mood for the flavors of the ocean. Come by with friends or a date!

Coquille 是一家地道的海鲜餐厅-马赛克地板、黄铜元素和大理石装饰非常漂亮。菜单上有你想要的所有海鲜菜肴——更多的是美味的牛排,如惠灵顿牛肉,以迎合那些不太喜欢海洋风味的人们。和朋友一起来或者约会吧!

Phone 电话: 021-33768127

Address 地址:

29–31Mengzi Lu, near Xujiahui Lu

蒙自路29–31号, 近徐家汇路

Opening Hours 营业时间:




Le Coq

Le Coq Wine & Bistro is a small and cozy establishment with a wide collection of wine and the knowledge to make the best possible recommendations, with their excellent food to go with. They serve everything from meats to seafood to salads and desserts. With reservation, you can even experience wine tasting with Chinese cuisine. Fun!

Le Coq葡萄酒&小倌具有舒适的环境,用优秀的食材,和专业的葡萄酒知识带给客户最好的建议。他们提供从肉类到海鲜,沙拉和甜点的一切。预订后,您甚至可以体验中国美食的品酒体验。乐趣多多!

Phone 电话: 021-32035990

Address 地址:

838 Huangpi Nan Lu, near Madang Lu

大公鸡小酒馆 黄陂南路838号, 近马当路

Opening Hours 营业时间:

Daily, 4PM-2AM



The C House

Welcome to the fantastical world of fine dining. The C House serves delicately prepared French food amidst a beautiful environment. A customer favorite is their beef Wellington, served just the right amount of cooked with a cover of pastry that melts in the mouth. Located on the Bund, they take advantage of their setting and offer a delicate menu that will fully satisfy your palate.

欢迎来到梦幻般的美食世界C HOUSE。在美丽的环境中,C House提供精心准备的法国菜。顾客最喜欢的是惠灵顿牛肉,配上适量的油酥面皮,让它在口中融化。位于外滩绝佳位置,他们利用自己优势设计了精致的菜单,将充分满足您的口味。

Phone 电话: 021-53088332

Address 地址:

5/F, 88 Yuanmingyuan Lu, near Beijing Dong Lu

圆明园路88号5楼, 近北京东路

Opening Hours 营业时间:

Daily 7:30PM-10PM



Pain Chaud


This venue, part of the Pain Chaud chain of bakeries, faces the Jing’an Temple pedestrian street. You can have fresh breads, pastries and more in their large clean interior, and now even purified water!


Phone Number 号码: 021-52995580

Address 地址:

1/F,Jiuguang City Plaza, 1618 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Changde Lu

南京西路1618号静安久光店1楼, 近常德路

Opening Hours 营业时间:



Subway Station 临近地铁站:




French Cuisine in Beijing



Bistro 108


This little bistro may be a little hard to find, but it’s definitely worth it for the excellent French owned, French produced cuisine. The starters are delicately finished and main courses rich with flavor, complemented with a nice wine menu. This is the place to go if you’re feeling like a spot of French!

巴黎餐吧Bistro 108可能有点难找,但它绝对是值得一去的-专业的法国本土菜肴。精美的开胃菜,味道丰富的主菜,辅佐精选的葡萄酒菜单。如果你想学点法语,这里就是你要去的地方!

Phone 电话: 010-57108106

Address 地址:

Room 104,1st Floor, CaoChang, No 19,Tianze Road, Chaoyang

北京市朝阳区天泽路19 号草场商业广场一层104 室

Opening Hours 营业时间:

Daily 11.30am-10.30pm 每天上午11点半到晚上10点半




Welcome to Suzy’s home, where you’ll find a gourmet European styled meal to go with the décor. If you like classy, cozy settings, this is the restaurant for you. The menu was the brainchild of Fernando Corona who worked at Arzak and Celler de Can Roca, and it incorporates everything from salads to pasta to tapas.


Phone 电话: 010-57172125

Address 地址:

Room 102,1st Floor, CaoChang, No 19, Tianze Road, Chaoyang

北京市朝阳区天泽路19 号草场商业广场一层102 室

Opening Hours 营业时间:

Daily 10.30am-11pm



Clean Water Restaurant Vouchers to gift out

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