Expats Meet Experts Workshop In Shanghai & Beijing! 新人须知:专家周六见面会

The orientation events Shanghai 123 and Arrival Survival in Beijing taking place in recent weeks and weeks to come are just in the right time for the seasonal group of new comers after every summer. For any one new to the cities or want to find new info even after arriving for a while,  these events will be a great place that we will recommend. 现在与未来几周,会有一系列的新人安居活动举办,例如上海123活动和北京的ARRIVAL SURVIVAL活动(每年夏天到来之际都会举办的季节性活动)。对于刚到中国并且想寻找有用信息的新人来说,这些活动的举办正是时候。我们强烈推荐它们。


Orientation Events for Newcomers!


Valuable orientation events and info designed for newcomers in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to settle down smoothly and quickly!


Comparing to that a series of selected topics will be covered by professionals in a fixed and short time, Greenwave is to initiate some supplementary event on Saturdays from September 5 to October 31(not in the golden week) for helping these who might want to know in details about the different topics though we don't cover all. We know there are quite some concerns related to water, air and tech solutions from a lot of people, and we would like to help with that, with some regularly organized workshops! 和这些时间集中、涵盖主题众多的安居活动相比,Greenwave希望做一点补充的尝试。从9月5日至10月31日(十一黄金周除外)的每个周六,对那些需要深度了解一些水、空气与技术主题的人来说可以参与我们的专家见面会。我们知道很多人对这些感兴趣也很乐意提供帮助。


Workshop time range and locations  in Shanghai and Beijing

Every Saturday during these 2 months except the holidays, Greenwave and our partners will be ready at the workshops to answer your questions and share the resources we have at city center places in Shanghai and Beijing, convenient for you to come. Detailed dates, time ranges and addresses could be seen in the following. 这两个月的每周六(节假日除外),Greenwave与小伙伴们一起在会上解答您的疑问,并分享我们上海和北京这两个城市的资源讯息。方便您的参与,请参考如下日期、时间和地址信息。

September 5    10:00~12:00 September 12   10:00~12:00  September 19   10:00~12:00 September 26   10:00~12:00 October 10       10:00~12:00 October 17       10:00~12:00 October 24       10:00~12:00 October 31       10:00~12:00 ---


上海 The Shanghai workshops will be held at Greenwave office in people's square. The detailed address is Room 1206, 95 West Beijing Road, Huangpu district.  The closest metro stations are people's station in line 1, line 2 and line 8. Xinzha road metro station along line 1 is also fine. Parking is a bit difficult as this is a governmental building and not open to the outside. However, if you want to park, do let us know your car plate in advance and we will notify the guards to leave you the parking lot.  上海活动地点就在人民广场附近的Greenwave办公室。详细地址是黄浦区北京西路95号1206室。最近的地铁站是1号线、2号线和8号线的人民站。新闸路地铁站沿线1号线也可以到达。由于办公室所在的政府大楼,不对公众停车开放,所以停车有些难度。但是,您可以提前告知车牌号,我们会通知保安协助停车入位。



北京 For the Beijing workshops, we will work with Expat Connection and carry them out at different locations time by time in the city proper! Detailed locations and ways to get there will be announced when it's getting close, stay tuned! 对北京的活动来说,我们将于Expat connection一起进行!每次会在市区的不同地点进行,具体的地址以及交通路线会在临近时通知,敬请期待!


Register first and join us  with the questions!

Add us on your wechat to let us know your info as well as the date you want to join us. You can even bring water samples from your home for testing, show us the pictures for what you have, ask differences of brands and discuss over a certain topics you are interested in, etc.  Specifically, if you have questions regarding the following things or more in China, let us know, and some fully-qualified expert of the concerned issue to come over and answer you! 添加我们的服务微信,告诉我们你的信息以及你想要参加的workshop的日期。来的时候,你也可以带上自己的水样、向我们展示有现有产品的图片、询问品牌之间的区别以及跟我们一起讨论其它的你感兴趣的话题。尤其是如果您对下面的部分或其它有疑问,请在联系预约时告诉我们。我们定会安排一位相关问题的专家前来为您解答!

  • Water safety 水质安全

  • Drinking Water in China 中国的饮用水

  • Shower water 沐浴用水

  • Air pollution 空气污染

  • Face masks 口罩

  • Tech and Apps 技术和小程序应用


Good gifts to gift out! 现场赠送礼物

For all the people who attend these workshops, we will gift you a TDS testing kit and restaurant vouchers, to be sure you do not leave empty-handed!  Some partner will bring their gifts too. The TDS testing kit can help you know about your water quality, while the cash vouchers will make sure you enjoy clean water everywhere, even outside in our Clean Water Restaurants partners’ venues (and yes, this is free)! 所有参加这些分享会的人,我们将提供免费的餐厅代金券和TDS水质检测套装,确保您不会空手而归!我们的合作伙伴也会赠送他们的礼物。TDS水质检测套装可以帮助掌握平时的用水安全和质量把控。代金券可以让您在我们合作的纯净水餐厅享受美食和酒水-确保您在任何地方都能享受到干净的水。


Look forward to meeting you! 期待与各位的见面!

We do hope everyone will greatly benefit from these workshops and settle down in China more easily. Through our 10 years experience and good amount of resources, we feel we are in a good position to help you and offer the good support, to become your one-stop place to get the necessary help without the frustration of being cheated. 我们希望参与活动的所有朋友都能受益,且真正在中国更好的安定下来。Greenwave在过去10年中积累了很多经验和具有很多资源,我们相信这些会帮助到每一位获得一站式的信息支持,免受任何纠结与欺骗的烦扰。

We are very much looking forward to meeting you during these very instructive Expats Meet Experts events. For any questions or inquiries, please simply call 13621935343 or add us on wechat to connect. (Free indoor consultation and onsite visit services available as well in Shanghai and Beijing) 期待周六时与您的见面。若有任何问题,请电话13621935343或者添加我们的微信进行联系。(针对上海、北京,Greenwave也提供免费的上门查看与咨询服务)

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