Free Face Masks To Gift Out For The Cold Days With Pollution

Summer has ended, and the days are growing consistently colder. With cold weather come air pollutants and more than them, and it is important for you to protect you and your loved ones in the best way possible!


We are very thankful for our friends and clients’ constant support over this unconventional year, and to reflect this, we are offering 1000 sets of free protective mask packages.



Pollution season is coming!


Air safety is one of the biggest problems in China, especially during cold days, the air in winter always being more polluted than any other seasons of the year. Hazy days in different cities happen more and more regularly, with people reporting to get respiratory diseases due to the exposure to polluted air. Combine this with the current Covid-19 situation and you get lots of needs for protection to outdoor air and airborne viruses! 空气安全是中国最大的问题之一,尤其是在这样寒冷的日子里。冬天的空气污染总是比一年中的其他季节更严重。在中国的不同城市中,雾霾也越来越常见。报道称,人们会因为暴露在污染的空气中而患上各种呼吸道疾病。结合目前的新冠肺炎疫情,您更需要得到更多保护,减少接触室外的空气污染及病毒!

As such, masks are essential to protect yourself against outdoor pollution. With an adapted filtration system to stop PM2.5 from harming you, wearing a mask is the ideal way to stop the spread of germs, viruses and other particles, such as dusts, pollen and mold spores. While travelling in an open environment, no difficulty in breathing will be caused.

因此,口罩成为了保护我们免受室外空气污染的关键。口罩中的过滤系统,能够防止 pm2.5的伤害。佩戴口罩也可以阻止细菌,病毒和其他微粒,如灰尘,花粉和霉菌孢子等的传播。当我们在开放的环境中旅行,也不会造成呼吸困难等相关问题。


3 face mask package gifts!


There are 3 face mask packages as gifts. You can just choose the one most appropriate for you and enjoy! 我们特别推出3款免费口罩套餐,您只需选择最适合您的一款套餐。

· 1 Kandymask-reuseable N99 mask worth 140 rmb


· 1 pack of 10 KN95 masks

一包10只装KN95口罩, 价值150元

· 2 boxes of 50 Disposable Masks


Please contact us to know the availability of each option, first come first served…



How can I get my free masks?


To get any of the above, all you need to do is to:


· Share the following article on your Wechat moments or on any of the wechat groups:


· Send a screenshot to our customer service team (scan the QR Code below to add our account).


Once you are in contact with us, please let us know which type of masks you would like as well as your personal information (name, phone number, address, email…) so we will have what you choose shipped to you!


Note: There will be a shipping cost between ¥12 and ¥25 at your expanse depending on the city/distance. The masks will be shipped out from our 3 locations in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.



In case you need more


For anyone needing more masks, please ask our customer service for more information regarding the different models and prices. See the flyer below to get a brief idea of the different options for now. ( Prices may change by time. Please contact us to know the most updated price.)


Note: For people in need of shipping masks abroad, we have channels to help ship what is needed out fast and with good price. The shipping fee could be just 50% off the DHL rates.



Counter Indoor Pollution


Air pollution does not only occur outside, but also in your home. Get prepared for winter and the cold days ahead by enjoying one of our numerous offers on air purifiers, the best tool for a clean and purified interior! 空气污染不仅发生在室外,您的家中同样也会出现污染。赶快为即将来临的冬天和寒冷的天气做好准备,Greenwave拥有高品质空气净化器,能够帮助净化您的室内空气,让您度过一个干净、清洁、温暖的冬季。

Check the discounts below :


We hope a lot of people will enjoy this great offer, and will get enough protection for the weeks to come! Stay safe!


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