Free Trial To Rent A Drinking Water Filter!

Tap water in China is not clean enough for direct consumption, this is no news to anyone living here. Pollutants and other stuff present in water are bad for your health, and a better solution than bottled water to prevent water-related issues due to water quality is a drinking water purifier.


We are aware that such a big purchase can seem frightening, but also confident that once installed, you will not regret it! As such, and as a new feature this month, we are very happy to provide a 2 weeks long free-trial for renting our Alatai Drinking Water Purifier, for all new users in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou!



Alatai Drinking Water Purifier


Greenwave’s reverse osmosis system is one of the most advanced filtration systems in the market, also one of the most often used drinking water purifiers in the communities. With BPA-free plastic used and imported key components including reverse osmosis membrane and activated carbon,our system will make sure that you have the best quality water at home. The numerous testing reports shared by clients and done by quality labs could endorse its quality (see below). Greenwave采用的反渗透系统是市场上最先进的过滤系统之一,也是社区中最常用的饮用水净化器的标配。产品使用无双酚A的高质量塑料,关键部件均为进口,其中包括反渗透膜和活性炭。该技术将确保您使用最好质量的直饮水。大量由客户分享的实验室测试报告可以证明其良好的产品品质(见下文)。

6 stages of treatment

Alatai purifies tap water through 6 stages of filtration, removes virtually all impurities including the heavy metals and adds minerals through a post-mineralization to adjust PH and taste. The purified water through will be cleaner, fresher, tastier and healthier.


Source: Water Proccessing: Third Edition’, Wes McGowan, Water Quality Association, 2001

Environmental and cost-friendly

Alatai drinking water purifier will replace the bottled water use and help reduce a lot of carbon print and plastic waste. What’s more, it will save 30%+ of the spending for these users using bottled water for drinking and cooking. The more bottled water is used by now. the more savings there are with the use of the Alatai.


Convenient and for more peaceful mind

The water is not just controllably purified inside the living place, following similar process for production of bottled water. It will provide dramatic convenience for ayis to get water to cook and clean. You don’t need to concern water is from doubtable sources and ayi might use tap for cooking, etc.


For more information on drinking water purifiers, please check the following article:



Customer Testimonials


You have maybe heard from your friends or seen testimonials on wechat telling you that our Alatai is a very efficient filtration product, and may have wanted to try it out in your place. This trial will give you the opportunity to taste the water for yourself, directly from your own kitchen tap! 您可能从朋友那里或者微信朋友圈看到过大家的推荐—Alatai是一款非常高效的过滤产品,从水龙头即可直接获得健康安全的饮用水!

Still doubtful? Here are some testimonies of people who chose Alatai as their filtration system, and have definitely adopted it!



Testing Results from Labs


Even test reports show Alatai is the most efficient solution you could find in China: 专业实验室检测报告显示Alatai直饮水机是目前国内最有效的过滤手段:


Give free trial a chance


Buying a drinking water purifier represents a certain sum, and you might want to test it before spending money on it. Of course, our rental option (see below) is a much cheaper alternative to the buying one as far as front costs go, but we feel a free trial will give you a third option,to comfort you in your choice.


Getting a drinking water purifier is a great way to reduce extra cost on plastic water bottles, while reducing considerably your household plastic consumption. Try it for a small period of time and realize you do not need these tedious bottles any more!


We are very confident in our product success, and we firmly believe you will be persuaded by our Alatai features. Should it not be the case, however, we are prepared to take the product back, with no extra cost for you!



Questions about the trial


Can I apply?

Right now we provide the rental service for families in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. For other cities, we don’t provide the trial service for now.


How to apply?

We need your contact email, living address and phone number. Also a copy of ID card or passport plus the agreement will be needed. Our customer service representative will contact you back shortly to book the appointment.


Will the installation be suitable to my sink?

Over the past 10 years, we did not encounter one case that the system could not be placed underneath. Even though there might be special cases, our professional technicians will have ways to make the installation feasible.


To get the installation done, enough space, drainage, electricity and a hole for the separate tap will be needed. The first 3 conditions are not real problems. For the 4th one, we suggest you to take a photo for the whole kitchen sink with 4 corners and also the main kitchen faucet in it. Based on that, we could let you know if installation could be done.


Will there be any damage?

We realized most of the kitchen sinks have actually the small sprouts, dish soaps or caps covering the corner holes already. For the ones with no such things yet, to replace the current kitchen tap with a dual one would be better, although some extra cost will be needed. No matter which case it is, there won’t be damage.


We do however suggest you to talk to your landlord for the permission (landlords agree over 95% of the time: the installed sprouts will not be taken away so there will be no holes existing there once removed).


How is the service done?

We will remind you regularly for the filter change, come by to do it once the appointment has been settled down (freefor the rental service) and move it to the new place if needed.

我们会定期提醒您更换过滤器,您无需花费精力考虑更换的问题。待预约安排后将为您进行安装(免费提供租赁服务) ,如果您搬家,我们还会把它搬到您的新地址。


About accessories Policy


It’s hard for us to provide dual faucets with this free trial for those living in hotels, serviced apartments or where no holes are available for the drinking water sprout on the counter and no drilling is allowed. However, for people who are interested in the free trial offer with the dual faucet, only 300rmb will be needed for exchanging the taps back and forth. If in the end you are buying or renting it, the 300rmb will be deducted from the total cost.


The dual faucet prices are as follow:


· ¥1000 if you want to own it.


· ¥500 if you return it when you are leaving.


· ¥300 if you agree to use a 2nd hand dual tap and return it in the end of the trial.


· No second ones available for now


Notes: leakage alarm plus pressure balancer might be needed for families with wooden floors in the kitchen and water pumps in the living place. We make them free for every family for free trial services and renting the machines.

备注: 对于使用木地板的家庭来说,厨房中非常有必要安装漏水报警器及稳压阀。起居室中则可能会用到水泵。Greenwave将免费为每个参与试用的家庭提供试用服务及设备租赁。


Alatai Rental Packkage


We understand that you may have needs of both drinking and shower water, in and outside your home, with for example concerns over water used in restaurants. We want to fulfill all these needs and also help you with a list of restaurants using purified drinking water for their ice, drinks and foods to you through the package.


For more information about the Clean Water Restaurants Vouchers, please check the following article:


We hope this new “Free-Trial” option will allow more people to test and be fully satisfied with purified water, to obtain the highest level of purity water can get in China!


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