Get Your Air Conditioners Cleaned And Disinfected For Summer Use

Summer is coming and temperatures are rising, meaning to make home and office life tolerable, air conditioning is essential, and often used in large amounts. This encourages indoor spaces to become dry and an important vector of virus spreading through air mobility, meaning viruses and infections will spread more easily, which is especially dangerous those days with the still present threat of Covid-19. It is therefore of the highest importance to invest in air conditioner purification, which will help the space to get rid of undesired particles, for a saner indoor time!



Why is air conditioner purification needed?


While air conditioned spaces are supposed to be regularly ventilated to recycle the air, it is often tempting to keep the space as cool as possible during extreme outside heat.


Air conditioning works as a circulation system, meaning the air that goes through the conditioner will be the same over and over again. For those fine particles attached on the indoor machine during the use will be the source for the pollutants, even for the bacteria and virus if not cleaned or disinfected well. As such, cleaning and sterilizing equipment thoroughly is essential to ensure a safe and healthy indoor environment. The outdoor part of the air conditioner should be cleaned as well in order to ensure the same level of efficiency.


Moreover, with the threat of Covid-19 and its airborne nature, it is necessary to avoid the circulation of bacteria and viruses to a maximum, and a clean system can guarantee that.



How to purify the air conditioner?


At Greenwave, we are very happy of our partnership with the experenced service providers in Shanghai and Beijing such as GreenCircle. GreenCircle focuses on providing cleaning service for clients from top 500 multi-national companies and high-end families in China, showing a constant care and professionalism towards their customers.

为了帮助用户做好空调的清洁与消毒,我们在上海与北京与经验丰富的服务商进行合作,比如Greencircle. Greencircle给众多国内外的终端用户提供过服务,我们对他们的专业与服务充满信心!

Some of GreenCircle’s highest profile customers部分代表客户

Environmental detergent will be used often for cleaning the air conditioners. As to disinfection, either alcohol based disinfectant or high temperature steam will be the choice. For high temperature steam, most steam machines could only reach about 100℃which cannot sterilize and kill all kinds of bacteria thoroughly. However, the machine our partner uses could get the temperature up to 130℃,high enough for killing all kinds of bacteria. That is why we highly recommend it.



The procedures for the service


Some basic procedures could be seen in the above. This process is quite short, taking at least 2 hours for a 5 indoor machines equipped family. On-site protection is of course directly provided, to protect your belongings during the cleaning time.


Air cleaning should be done at least once a year in case of floor or wall heating, and twice a year for air conditioner. Before summer is highly advised, due to the intense use of air conditioning.



Special deals in Shanghai and Beijing


To encourage people to improve their air quality and their neighbor's or friend’s, we have worked out a very advantageous offer with the partners: the more families use the services in Shanghai and Beijing, the cheaper the services get!


From June 1st to June 30th, the service charge could be 180 rmb for cleaning each indoor unit while cleaning the outdoor unit is free. Detailed fee rate could be seen in the following chart. (The charge is relative to the number of users, but within the time, we will provide the best deal )


Number of users = Price/indoor machine

1 family = 250 rmb

3 families = 200 rmb

5 families = 190 rmb

10 families or more = 180 rmb

If you are in need or interested, let us know your info and also number of outdoor and indoor machines as well as their brands (Some pictures will be helpful). Please keep this offer in mind to tell your friends and neighbors, for a much more profitable endeavor for the whole group!


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