Greenwave 11.11 Promotion on Water Filters & Air Purifiers!

11.11, the most effective sales day in the world, takes place in China every year. Every company provides great deals and discounts to celebrate China's Singles’ Day, and Greenwave is no exception!


Due to the extraordinary situation of 2020, we have been having a regular promotion throughout the year. This promotion is source of fantastic discounts such as 35% off on all our water filters or 30% off on all Blueair purifiers, and has been a great success over the past few months.

由于2020年的特殊情况,Greenwave进行了持续一整年的促销活动,希望借此可以帮助大家。促销活动折扣力度很大,比如我们所有的净水产品都可以享受35% 的折扣,Blueair空气净化器也可以享受30% 的折扣。我们的促销活动在过去的几个月里取得了巨大的成功。

But beware, for we have even more surprises for you to celebrate 11.11 outside of our regular promotion!



Great Gifts!


Why not start with the good stuff directly? We have great gifts for both our new and existing customers!


Less than ¥1,000, you can get…

If you buy less than ¥1,000 worth of products, you can get:


· 2 CWR vouchers (¥200 value)


· OR 1 Kandymask (¥140 value)


· OR 1 KN95 box (¥150 value)


· OR 2 boxes of adult disposable masks (¥150 value)


EVERY ¥1,000, you can get…

Furthermore, for EVERY ¥1,000 worth of products spent, each ¥1,000 spent will get you:


· 2 CWR vouchers (¥200 value)


· OR 1 Kandymask (¥140 value)


· OR 1 KN95 box (¥150 value)


· OR 2 boxes of adult disposable masks (¥150 value)


You can choose whichever option you prefer every ¥1,000 spent. For example, if you spend between ¥2,000 and ¥3,000, you can get 6 CWR vouchers in total or 2 CWR vouchers and 2 KN95 boxes, the choice is yours!


FREE ClearFallX shower filter

If you buy Blueair air purifiers or ¥2,000+ worth of Air Filter Replacements, you will get 1 ClearFallX Shower Filter for Free!( Each family could have an utmost 2 filters.) 200 shower filters will be offered in all. Gifts are limited, first come first served!



Group Purchase on Water Filters


Our mission is to give as many people as possible access to clean water, as we feel it is a basic need for everyone. As such, we are enticing you to help us achieve this mission!


If you share this article and get 3 other people or more to buy water filters at the same time, as a group purchase, each of you will get an additional 10% discount on Water Filters!


Yes, that is a 45% discount in total!



2020 Promotion!


Here is a reminder of our different Water & Air current offers, which will continue for 11.11:



Water Filtration Offers

35% on Water Filters



Water Filtration Replacements

20% on Water Filter Replacements



Rental Options

Alatai Rental: Alatai + ClearFallX + 5 CWR vouchers OR Alatai + ShowerKing + New Showerhead + 5 CWR vouchers

Alatai直饮水机租赁:Alatai + ClearFallX + 5张餐厅现金券或Alatai +ShowerKing + New Showerhead + 5张餐厅现金券

50% off for UltraShower Rental: UltraShower + 3 filters change

租赁UltraShower可享受5折折扣:UltraShower + 3个滤芯


Air Filtration

30% on Blueair Purifiers and 50% on second hand Blueair purifiers

Blueair空气净化器7折, 二手Blueair空气净化器5折


Air Filtration Replacements

25% on Air Filter Replacements


As an added bonus, purchase ¥2,000 worth of Air Filter Replacements and get 1 ClearFallX Shower Filter for FREE! (value ¥998). Only 200 available, first come first served!



Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

35% on humidifiers and dehumidifiers



We hope you will enjoy an exciting Single's Day, and look forward to introducing you to clean water!


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