Greenwave Service Accounts For Your Clean Water & Air From 2021

To meet the increasing amount of needs while relieving clients having concerns about which account to contact, and also to avoid fake brands or copycats, we established some new account which has been rectified by the wechat company. To make sure everything is clear, you can find Greenwave service accounts and contact information in the following paragraphs.



Wechat service accounts!


Wechat is our most often used channel for communication with our clients, families and companies alike. Our first 2 wechat accounts (personal) greenwave888 (Greenwave China1) and greenwave666 (Greenwave China2) have accumulated a large number of followers over the years, making it difficult for new people to follow due to the restrictions.

微信是我们与家庭和公司客户沟通最常用的渠道。由于我们早期的微信账号greenwave888 (Greenwave China1) and greenwave666 (Greenwave China2)多年来积累了大量的用户,新用户的添加变的很困难。

In order to keep supporting everyone effectively, Greenwave has opened additional accounts including personal greenwave010 (Greenwave Beijing) and the official wechat work account for all China (clients will be allocated to different authorized work accounts) to continue providing clients with the requested info and expected service in different cities. These new ones will help fulfill the needs in the years to come. New clients are recommended to add these based on the locations.

为了持续有效地服务每一位客户,Greenwave已经开通了更多的微信账户,包括企业微信账号greenwave666(已经验证, 添加账户的好友将被分配给不同的企业微信账户进行跟进)以及北京的greenwave010 ( Greenwave Beijing) 。这些将在接下来的数年中满足我们与众多新用户的沟通需要。我们推荐北京新用户添加Greenwave010、其它城市用户添加另外1个。

Customer service in China


微信账号: Greenwave010


For these just looking for mainly updates or products info from Greenwave, the corporate official wechat account is also a good choice. We hereby confirm that all the 5 accounts are all belonging to Greenwave. There will be some authorized work accounts for Greenwave representatives in different cities. The way to check is if their wechat names are with certified mark in front of Greenwave like in the red frame in the following picture.



Certified wechat work account



Offices and contact info



Shanghai branch


We opened our Shanghai headquarters in 2010, starting the great adventure that became Greenwave’s Water & Air Filtration Solutions! Our main customer base is in Shanghai, and as such you can find our products in various places of the city, be it embassies, consulates, fitness centers and of course restaurants!


Address 办公地址:

Rm.1206, Fangdi Plaza, 95 West BeijingRd., Huangpu


Contact no: 021 33315007


Daily Delivery Service Available Within City Limits


Beijing branch


Our Beijing offices have been opened in 2017, and are responsible for the Northern part of the country. In 3 years, our team has expanded clean water & air throughout the city at an impressive rate, and is not stopping any time soon!


Address 办公地址:

House A40-6, East Gaobeidian, Chaoyang


Contact no: 01085860860


Daily Delivery Service Available Within City Limits


Guangzhou branch


Our newest addition to the Greenwave offices, our Guangzhou branch will take charge of families in the Southern part of China, with a focus on Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Please note that it is still a recent development for Greenwave, so it might take some time to adjust specifically there.


Address 办公地址:

Room 815, 289 Art Park Life Building, No.289 Guangzhou Avenue Central, Yuexiu District. 广州市越秀区广州大道中289号289艺术园区生活楼815室

Contact no: 02087000486


Daily Delivery Service Available Within City Limits

Notes: Greenwave provides 7*24 support and could be reached by 13621935343 or service@greenwave if the land phone numbers or wechat accounts do not reply on time.



Services to provide here


Greenwave provides one stop healthy water and air solutions for families, offices, international schools, fitness centers, hotels and restaurants. We cover central water filters, drinking water purifiers, shower filters, faucet filters, air purifiers, replacement filters, rental service, testing, VOC treatment, etc. The following services will be arranged based on the needs. Greenwave为家庭、办公室、国际学校、健身中心、酒店和餐厅等提供一站式的健康水和空气解决方案。我们的产品涵盖中央净水器、饮用水净水器、淋浴器、水龙头净水器、空气净水器、滤芯耗材、租赁服务、检测、VOC处理等。以下服务会根据需要提供

· Free on-site consultation 免费上门咨询

· Free water or air testing 免费水或空气检测

· Free delivery and installation 免费送货与安装

· Customization 定制配件与产品服务

· Free regular reminder for filter change 定期滤芯更换提醒

· Quick and urgent support 快速响应、应急服务支撑

· Moving& product upgrade exchange 搬家服务以及产品升级等

Everything needed for a client before or after the services/filters have been installed will be provided. We promise for the filtration effectiveness and your satisfaction.



Choose and contact Greenwave


Greenwave has served the communities for over 10 years and been selected by Irish and Slovanian Embassies, Finland Consulate Shanghai, British Council Shanghai, Nike and other world famous companies under NDA for standard cleaner water services. Please read the following hyperlinked page for the detailed clients list and reasons that Greenwave might make a better choice for you.


For anyone wanting to know how good your tap/filtered water or air is, or how to fill and customize your water and air needs before getting anything, please contact us for an appointment. Our professional English speaking service team will come and help you out!


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