Italian CWRs One Month Special For Greenwave Clients And Friends

Following the success of our Saigon Mama One-Month Special, we are glad to continue this Clean Water Restaurants special month's adventure with a new type of venues: Italian restaurants!

随着“西贡妈妈月”特别活动的成功,我们很高兴继续开展纯净水餐厅特别月的活动,本月新的主题: 意大利餐厅!

Many Italian brands are part of our CWR initiative, and Italian cuisine being as popular as ever, we hope it will bring a lot of new people to enjoy clean water outside their home!



Clean Water Restaurant Mission


The Clean Water Restaurant mission is quite simple: to provide clean purified drinking water to a large number of people outside their home, by installing Greenwave's reverse osmosis water filtration systems, besides other necessary ones. 纯净水餐厅项目的目标很简单:通过为餐厅安装的直饮水净化系统,为那些在外就餐的用户提供放心、健康的用水。

As a result from this filtration system, the water obtained is free of heavy metals and other impurities found in tap water, which other methods are far from achieving, making it completely safe to consumption, and with a better taste! In essence, the cleaner the water is, the better tasting water will be, which means more tantalizing high quality dishes served.


Greenwave has been working jointly with restaurant owners to ensure all water used for cooking and drinking in the restaurants is completely clean. This ensures every customer will have a better experience with both the food and the drinks. With a Clean Water Restaurant Certificate, this has made our partners brands even more attractive than before.


To learn more about the Clean Water Restaurant project, take a look at the official website:






Bella Vita

An Italian run restaurant, they create classic Italian dishes with imported Italian ingredients and purified water, in their clean and elegant space in Florentia Village, for a casual dining environment providing you with the whole Italian life style experience.

这是一家意大利餐厅,他们使用的原材料和纯净水均从意大利进口。在佛罗伦萨乡村式干净优雅的空间里,创造出了经典的意大利美食。Bella Vita,为您提供一个休闲的用餐环境,让您体验完整的意大利生活方式。

Phone: 2067 6027

Address: 58 Zhuoyao Lu, near Huazhou Lu

卓耀路58弄, 近华州路

Opening Hours:

Apr 1 - Oct 31: Daily, 10:00am-9:00pm

Nov 1 - Mar 31: Daily, 10:00am-8:00pm

Subway: Yuandong Avenue 临近地铁站:远东大道站



A bar in the Jing'an District with cosy relaxed atmosphere that is loved by expats in Shanghai, serving Italian food and offering vegan options as well. They have a large variety of cocktails and craft beers that is garaneteed to quench your thirst.


Phone: 6170 1318

Address: A Mansion, 291 Fumin Lu, near Changle Lu


Opening Hours: Daily, 12:00pm-1:00am

Subway: South Shaanxi Rd 临近地铁站:陕西南路



A bar/restaurant that serves Italian dishes but with a new and fresh twist, this retro inspired spot can be found above the Funkadeli restaurants.

一家提供意大利菜的酒吧/餐厅,但是有一点新鲜的变化,复古的灵感点可以在 funkadeli 餐厅中找到。

Phone: 6027 9127

Address: 2/F, A Mansion, 291 Fumin Lu, near Changle Lu


Opening Hours:

Daily, 5:30-10:30pm

Brunch, Sat&Sun, noon-6:00pm

Late Menu, Daily, 5:30pm-midnight

Subway: South Shaanxi Rd 临近地铁站:陕西南路


Lala Italian Kitchen

Lala Italian Kitchen is a family dining style restaurant that serves authentic Italian food and Italian wines. They offer a large selection of delicious fresh salads in addition to adding new special dishes to the menu every week.

Lala 意大利厨房是一家具有家庭餐饮风格的餐厅,供应正宗的意大利美食和意大利葡萄酒。除了每周在菜单上增加新的特色菜之外,还提供大量美味的新鲜沙拉供您选择。

Phone: 15901913194

Address: A3-110,1583 Huqingping Rd, Qingpu Dist, SH


Opening Hours: 10:00am-10:00pm

Subway: Jiejinggang Rd 临近地铁站:界泾港路



Favorita is, as you might have guessed, a typical Italian restaurant. From Italian wines to delicious cold cut plates and bruschetta, without even mentioning traditional pizzas, you will find there all you need to travel on a culinary journey to the South European country.


Phone: 13651990940


Address: No. 167, Lane 569, Yunle Road


Subway: East Xujing 临近地铁站:徐泾东站


Alla Torre

If you’re craving Italian, Alla Torre is an Italian restaurant and bar serving delicious cookery from that region. The pizza in particular is a client recommended option, genuinely tasting as if bought straight off the streets of Italy. The atmosphere and location itself is a great one as a place to just hang out or relax. Vegetarian friendly.

如果想品尝意大利菜 Alla Torre 是一个很不错的选择。这是一家意大利餐厅兼酒吧,供应当地美味的烹饪食品,尤其是披萨,这是很多客户的首选。你可以细细品味其中的滋味,就像是直接从意大利街头买来的。这里的气氛很好,地理位置优越,是个休闲放松的好地方。这也是素食者的首选。

Phone: 6447 2267

Address: 1F, Bingu Cultural Entertainment Square, 345 Tianshan Road, Changning District, Shanghai


Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm

Subway: Weining Rd 临近地铁站:威宁路站






A 100$ voucher for a flavorful Italian restaurant with roots back in Naples, Italy, 1928, founded upon the notion that good food comes from fresh ingredients handled respectfully. Available in TWO locations.


Phone: 010-64109800

Address: Jinshang Building 1/F, No.20 Xinyuanli West, Chaoyang District, next to International SOS


Opening Hours: Noon - 00:00


Phone: 010-64161752

Address: Nali Patio 2/F, No.81 Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District, Between Sanlitun South & 3.3



Forno by Bottega

With a welcoming and robust ambience, this shop offers an array of Italian dishes but their prominent dish is a Roman-inspired "pizza in teglia".

店内气氛热情,提供一系列意大利菜式,但最突出的菜式是罗马风格的“pizza in teglia”。

Offering a wide range of wines and recently clean water is definitely part of their “forte”!


Address: 北京市朝阳区曙光西里甲5号院凤凰步行街

Opening Hours:11:00am-10:00pm


Italian Restaurants One Month Special


We are very happy to have Italian Restaurants as the latest restaurants to participate to Greenwave’s special initiative of “One Month Special Clean Water Restaurant”. 我们非常高兴意大利餐厅作为本次由Greenwave发起的“清洁水餐厅特惠月”活动的主角。

During this month, a huge number of its cash vouchers will be distributed to Greenwave clients and friends, which could be spent in any of the previously mentioned venues for free when the bill to pay is less than the value of vouchers!



Three simple ways to get the vouchers


  • For every purchase of Greenwave products you make, 20% of your payment will be gifted back to you in the form of vouchers! For example, if you buy a ¥998 ClearFallX Shower filter, you will get two ¥100 vouchers!


  • Greenwave technicians and professional consultation team are always happy to visit your place for replacing your filters or giving you personalized advice depending on your home settings. As such, you will receive two CWR vouchers when a Greenwave person comes to your home for either maintenance or consultation service (limited to one consultation for the duration of this offer).


  • Be one of the first 20 people to share this article! (see below for details)



Share To Win Vouchers


Stand a chance to be part of the green movement and good food! By sharing this article out, you will have the chance to be one of 20 lucky people to win not one, but two vouchers worth ¥100 to spend in Italian CWR restaurants in Shanghai or Beijing!


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把这篇文章转发到朋友圈,并分享: 我喜欢意大利美食。

· Screenshot the post and send it to us before November 6th.


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