New Clean Water Restaurants This Summer! 暑期上海北京新纯净水餐厅

Rough year however it may have been, 2020 still sees some new evolutions in the restaurant industry in China. Many venues had to close in the early year, but with summer encouraging people to get in a party mood, the restaurant and club business is back on track!


Therefore, we are very pleased to announce our latest Clean Water Restaurant partners, with some brand new venues for you to discover and enjoy delicious food and drinks!



New clean water restaurants

In Shanghai



Bandit is a new concept bar/club from the minds behind the popular brands (and Clean Water Restaurant members!) Barbarian, Bites&Brews, Solana and MANIA. The venue’s three floors are all showcasing different concepts, with a brunch/café floor, a club house and cocktail lounge on the second floor, and a terrace on the last one. Be one of the first customers to discover this great atypical spot!

BANDIT是一个全新概念的酒吧和俱乐部,灵感来潮牌(也是纯净水餐厅成员)Barbarian, Bites&Brews, Solana和MANIA。场地的三个楼层分别展示了不同的概念,二楼有一个早午茶餐厅,一个俱乐部和鸡尾酒厅,最上面是一个露台。赶快来发现这个伟大的而奇妙的地方吧!

Address: 1750 Xinzha Road

地址: 新闸路1750弄

Phone 电话:



Favorita is, as you might have guessed, a typical Italian restaurant. From Italian wines to delicious cold cut plates and bruschetta, without even mentioning traditional pizzas, you will find there all you need to travel on a culinary journey to the South European country.


Address: No. 167, Lane 569, Yunle Road


Phone 电话:



Lucky Diner

The team behind Lucky Mart is expanding their signature house highballs into a full-service space, for an all day of eatery. It mixes elegantly yet affordably the ever classics of American diner food, but adds it a Japanese twist, making it your all-day and night (closes at 2am!) favorite dining place!

LUCKY MART的主创团队正在将他们的业务领域扩展到一个全方位的服务模式-让顾客可以全天候享受美食,优雅的就餐环境,实惠的价格,混合了美国美食的经典,添加了日式料理的元素,让您大快朵颐一整天(餐厅凌晨2点关闭!)!

Address: 365 Kangding Rd


Phone 电话:


Jonas Emil 巧思磨咖啡

As they simply put it, 'Jonas Emil is your coffee micro-roaster in Shanghai'. Their mission is simple, to be your meeting-for-a-coffee place, with carefully prepared beverages made from specialty-grade roasted coffee. An ideal partner of Clean Water Restaurant, to make the most exquisite coffees in Shanghai!

正如餐厅描述的那样“Jonas Emil 是你在上海的咖啡微烘焙师”。其任务很简单,就是成为一个美好的咖啡聚会场所,用专业级烘焙咖啡精心准备的饮料。作为我们纯净水餐厅的理想合作伙伴,为顾客打造上海最精致的咖啡!

Address: B1, 1500 Middle Huaihai Road


Phone 号码:


韩小吃 Han Xiao Chi

Korean style restaurant, full of palatable cuisine in a hospitable environment. Many items on the menu to satisfy everyone’s tastes, from delicious meat pieces to savory fishes, all in exquisite sauce!


Address: 2nd floor, 269 Wujiang Road

地址: 吴江路269号湟普汇2楼

Phone 电话:



New clean water restaurants

In Beijing


A dynamic cafe and bar place located in Beijing’s CBD area, previously famous as Zoo Coffee, cosy environment, exquisite food and snacks at affordable prices. Most important, purified water is used in cooking and beverage making to ensure excellent quality and consumers’ safety. Stay tuned for updated offers and more !


Address: 3-5/3-6, Bldg. 3, 23 Jinmao Fu, Guangqu Road, Chaoyang


Phone 电话:



Peruvian cuisine is always listed among the most popular international delicacies on the planet. QI-founder of TITIKAKA, created this very brand with mysterious ingredients from Peru, in which he travelled and resided over years. Located in center part of Beijing city, it will make your dining experience unforgettable.


Address: Rm. 105, 1st floor, 20 Xinyuanli, Chaoyang district


Phone 号码:



Clean Water Restaurant Project


Helping everyone to get clean water easily in China is the ultimate goal of Greenwave, and the Clean Water Restaurant (CWR) project is a very efficient way to do it! Learn all you need to know about the CWR project in this summer recent article, by clicking on the following picture:

在中国,帮助每一个人轻松获得清洁用水是 Greenwave的终极目标。CWR纯净水餐厅计划是非常有效的方式!了解你所需要了解的一切。CWR计划在今年夏天最近的文章,点击下面的图片:

Vouchers are one of the main features of the CWR program. In exchange for installing our purifying solutions, many restaurants chose the option to give us a large quantity of ¥100 cash vouchers, usable by Greenwave clients and friends! This is a great option for them, as it gets them purified water easily, while attracting a much larger base of customers to enjoy their food and drinks!


In order to help everyone get the most out of this project, we will gift 20% of any spending clients do at Greenwave (be it water, air or replacement filters) in the form of CWR vouchers!


For more information about the CWR project or to know more about the other clean water restaurants, please check the CWR website. It will get some updates with all the important data you would need to enjoy the project fully! Go there to find the list of every venue providing you Clean Water in China!


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