New Year Guide: Articles Worth To Read In 2021

Happy New Year! The whole Greenwave team wishes you a prosperous and fruitful 2021 year, with a lot of success in your many endeavors, and a hopefully global improvement of the Covid-19 situation!


To start the new year efficiently, we have compiled here some important articles we published in 2020, which we feel are the most valuable in terms of information provided, to help you understand better Greenwave and its advantages. This should give you enough insight about our company, products and various tips on how to make improvements for your water& air consumption in 2021! Read further to know more about water filters, air filters, face masks, Clean Water Restaurants, ayi services and more...



Choose Greenwave for your cleaner water and air

in China

Whether you have been living in China for some time or just arrived here, you should by now be aware that tap water in China is not recommended, neither for drinking nor cleaning, as it contains lots of chlorine, sediments and other impurities including metals.


To solve the problems and provide cleaner water for families, Greenwave provides an extensive line of filters and services since March 2010. In the meanwhile, the free indoor consultation, customized solutions, professional support and in time help for filter change and moving across the cities in China will bring the utmost peaceful mind for all users. If you are among these people with similar issues and concern, you are welcome to read below and contact us.


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Online ayis community to help ayis and families

Over the past 10+ years, we have not just brought cleaner water and air to 16,000+ end users, we have also helped a lot of them get gas detectors, clean carpets, air cons and find ayis, etc. Typically for families in need of ayis, we understand the work needed and difficulty to find suitable ones. While agencies could be turned to for help with a certain fee, the hundreds of experienced ayis referred by initial employers we have liaised with for filtration services would be another helpful and even better turn-out, which is free and quick.


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What to know about drinking water in china?

Water is among the top concerns for many families moving to China already, and should be something newcomers need to adapt to. It's true that tap water is not suitable for drinking (and cooking) directly in most areas, but to worry about the excessive heavy metals inside might be not necessary. Bottled water is an often used choice for meeting the drinking water needs. However, now there is a new trend. This article is to share more about the tap water and different drinking water choices.


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PM2.5, VOCs, Humidity, Mold solutions

for new comers

If you just arrived to China, chances are that you might have been warned against the country’s air pollution and are already experiencing some effects of relatively no good air quality. Not to worry, for each problem, a solution exists! Here is an exhaustive list of issues you might encounter related to air in China, and the solutions that can be provided to counter them.


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How to protect pipes and filters in Winter?

Cold weather acts as a threat to people’s health, facilitating diseases and viruses transmission, but at the same time, causes other types of problems. One of those would be the freezing of pipes, decreasing the efficiency of water outputs and filtration systems for all brands. As such, we would like to share some useful tips to protect your pipes and water systems, to face the harsh cold more safely!


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Orientation events for new comers

in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

New to Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou or Shenzhen? If you are a newcomer and looking to make your stay in China easier and safer, a good number of orientation events or info will help you with that! (Media companies info is not listed here as it is very easy to find.)


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Shower filters explained for new comers

Many people moving to China have recurring skin and hair issues due to the water quality, quite different from the one in their home country. Dry and brittle hair, hair loss, dry and itchy skin, eczema, all these problems have been lived by a lot. What solution is there to fight this? Well, water filters of course! However, among so many choices and suppliers, questions on which ones to choose will arise, and this article is here to answer them.


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What to know about shipping masks abroad

Face masks have been much needed in the past few months globally, due to the unfortunate arrival of Covid-19. Many people had to order masks and get them delivered locally or internationally to their destinations. Even now, with the shortage of masks not being as serious as before in many countries, the needs for masks shipment are still there for some clients.


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China expat survival 101 clean water

Do you ever question the importance of clean water? Often times you think “if it looks clean...“


In case you're as unware as I was, according to hard water contains salts of calcium and magnesium principlely as bicarbonates, chlorides and sulfates.These are chemicals that create a layer that blocks moisture from entering thepores to your skin and hair. Exposure and also the excessive chlorine) results in very dry, irritated hair and flaky skin. As expats we move from our home countries and are often shocked to discover the remifications of hard water in China namely Beijing. Greenwave produces products that help solve this problem. Gone are the days when one takes clean water for granted.


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All about TDS and water quality


TDS value comes to mind first when people talk about the water quality. As a portable and readily avaible testing kit, TDS meter is used by lots of people to check how pure the water is and if the water treated by a water filter can be safely used for drinking. However, few people knows what exactly the TDS mean and why the simple TDS testing is trustworthy. 当我们提及水质的时候,很多人第一想到的就是TDS值。作为一个简单、随手可得的检测工具,TDS笔经常被用来判断水质的好坏以及过滤后的水是否可以拿来直接饮用。然而,很少有人知道TDS究竟测量的是哪些污染物,为什么这种简单的检测方法是可信的。

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Why you should care more about drinking water

in epidemic time?

The Novel Coronavirus has an enormous influence on all sectors of day-to-day life. Besides the stricter regulations and further postponed businesses, there are intensive concerns on safety protection. One that is not often touched upon among current ones is the drinking water issue. For these not thinking of drinking water influenced by this virus, the following lines will be worth to read in light of those exceptional circumstances!


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Updated clean water restaurants

in Shanghai and Beijing

At Greenwave, we believe clean water should be easily accessible to anyone, at anytime. This is why we created the Clean Water Restaurants initiative, which sees restaurants equipped with drinking water purifying systems, allowing them to be a vector of clean water for their customers and staff, in food, drinks, ice and coffee!


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Expats meet experts workshops

in Shanghai and Beijing

The orientation events Shanghai 123 and Arrival Survival in Beijing taking place in recent weeks and weeks to come are just in the right time for the seasonal group of new comers after every summer. For any one new to the cities or want to find new info even after arriving for a while, these events will be a great place that we will recommend.

现在与未来几周,会有一系列的新人安居活动举办,例如上海123活动和北京的ARRIVAL SURVIVAL活动(每年夏天到来之际都会举办的季节性活动)。对于刚到中国并且想寻找有用信息的新人来说,这些活动的举办正是时候。我们强烈推荐它们。

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Greenwave service accounts for your

cleaner water and air from 2021

To meet the increasing amount of needs while relieving clients having concerns about which account to contact, and also to avoid fake brands or copycats, we established some new account which has been rectified by the wechat company. To make sure everything is clear, you can find Greenwave service accounts and contact information in the following paragraphs.


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For your better 2021


We hope this small selection of articles will be of use to you, and interest you in acquiring clean water and air solutions as well as making your life easier while staying in China, for a better 2021 year!


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