Online Ayi Community to Help Ayis And Families| 线上阿姨群帮助有阿姨需要的家庭

Over the past 10+ years, we have not just brought cleaner water and air to 15,000+ end users, we have also helped a lot of them get gas detectors, clean carpets, air cons and find ayis, etc. Typically for families in need of ayis, we understand the work needed and difficulty to find suitable ones. While agencies could be turned to for help with a certain fee, the hundreds of experienced ayis referred by initial employers we have liaised with for filtration services would be another helpful and even better turn-out, which is free and quick.



Help both families and ayis in needs


Ayis may need the help as well. Facing the changing communities, some of them will have to find new jobs for their own reasons or as the families they serve are moving away, which make their service hard to continue no matter how many credentials they have and how experienced they are. (The epidemic causes a lot of families moving away and ayis in need of new jobs) To seek for new and right employers might be another long and even costly journey given the potential waiting and testing time. For these kind of circumstances, Greenwave might be more helpful than a lot of other companies while serving thousands of families with similar ayi needs. That is why we have created the online ayi community last year.

优秀的阿姨也需要帮助。很多阿姨因为自身原因或者原雇主搬走(离开中国)不得不去寻找新的工作,不管他们有多少证书、经历多么丰富。尤其是疫情影响的今天,很多住户不得不离开,很多阿姨因此不得不寻找新的工作。然而,寻找新的、合适的雇主可能很耗时与费工。鉴于我们有数千家庭用户、每一户都有类似的阿姨需求,我们可能会比很多其它公司、渠道都更容易帮助. 那是我们去年建立“线上阿姨群”的原因。

Note: This service is always free of charge. There is no obligation for people helped to use any of our products or services. The group is now for ayis and families in Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Foshan as of now.



What can this community do in details?


For Ayis 对阿姨来说

Help Ayis find satisfied job in high-end and expats families. If the family you serve now is about to move or leave, we also can reconnect you with next families.

帮助阿姨在外籍及高端家庭找到称心如意的工作. 若现在雇主快要搬家或离开,我们也可以帮你和下一个家庭对接。

Create a friendly platform for ayis to communicate and share expriences.


Training informantion will be provided for ayis to expand knowledge and skills in such as managing water and air filters.


For Families 对雇主来说

Help families find reliable ayis to assist your life.


Training can be provided if you want your ayi to manage the filters in your house.


About the ayis in our community:

Duties 工作内容

  • Cleaning 清洁

  • Cooking 烹饪

  • Babysitting 看孩子

  • Tidying up 收纳

Trustworthy 值得信任

They are highly skilled professionals with extensive experiences working with the communities.


Speciality 特长

Some of the ayis in our community have specialities in meeting your needs:

  • Be able to speak English.

  • Be able to cook native cuisine of your country as you like.


  • 可以用英文交流

  • 可以按您的需求烹饪您熟悉的家乡菜。

Note Since all of them have been previously working for our clients before, we expect a certain degree of seriousness and trustworthiness, though we cannot be held responsible for any incident happening after the hiring of one of our ayi community members. In case of any doubt, you can check for their reference letter and other info out.



How to join/contact the community?


Add service wechat 添加服务微信

Scan the QR code below and send message to us. After verifying, we will invite you in the community no matter if you are ayis or families in need of ayis. ( For now we don't accept agencies we don't know.)


Notes For these who feel strange that we are a water filtration company when adding us for ayi or job needs at the beginning, please disregard the fact that water filtration is indeed business. That's how we connected with a lot of ayis while serving our previous and current clients.


Share needs inside 发些内容

For ayis, we suggest to keep reference letters and all other credential while there are potential needs from families. For the families having questions on what to say in the ayi group with the needs, the following format might make a good reference here. That is something we feel helpful for many users in the past.




微信号码Wechat Account:

大概地址Living address:

工作内容Working scope:

工作时间Working time:

阿姨要求Ayi qualifications:

大概薪资Monthly or hourly payment range:

其它内容Other things:


Any new choice for special needs?


In case you have some special needs or you want to have more choices , we can also help recommend some agencies which are professional in taking care of those. Check the following agencies in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen or contact our customer service team directly to know more! List will be updated to help more time by time. There are more agencies that we will know. (Ayis could contact these agencies for more choices too.)

如果您有特殊要求或希望有更多的选择,我们也可以为你推荐一些专业的中介机构。下面是部分在上海、北京、广州、深圳等城市的中介机构,你也直接联系我们的客服团队了解相关它们的更多信息!(中介机构还是更新中, 我们需要时间去了解;阿姨们也可以联系这些中介获得更多的潜在雇主选择)

Shanghai Ayi matchmakers:

Founded by an expat mom teaming up with two international local ladies, AYI MATCHMAKERS is an ayi agency with atwist: We specialize in understanding expats and other international clients'needs and requirements.

We assist with finding domestic helpers and baby sitters matching your needs, be it full time, part time or temporary. And we never leave your side – we are with you from requirements, to search, to selection, to employment.

Beijing ayi services:

Beijing Huijia Ayi Housekeeping Service Co., LTD. provides various professional housekeeping and cleaning services for foreign families, local families with middle and high-level income as well as foreign embassies & enterprises in Beijing.

Guangzhou cleaning crew: TCCNO1 (wechat)

The Cleaning Crew provides topnotch housekeeping and maid service in Guangzhou. Service inludes apartment cleaning, mattress mites removal, Aircon cleaning and maintanance, full time nanny etc. Late night at work preventing you from keeping your house clean and tidy? Then call The Cleaning Crew.

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