Orientation Events for Newcomers! 上海北京广州深圳新人安居活动与信息指南!

New to Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou or Shenzhen?


If you are a newcomer and looking to make your stay in China easier and safer, a good number of orientation events or info will help you with that! (Media companies info is not listed here as it is very easy to find.)


You are part of a large number of people coming to the land of opportunities that is China, and as with every new adventure, questions and doubts will arise. Whether you are new to the country or changing cities, to access a source of complete information will help you save time and avoid stress.


Below you can find a series of events and info for some of the biggest cities in China: every event is being presented by professionals and experts alike to discuss every possible aspect of your new life, and presenting their tips to make it easier! Welcome to your latest challenge and to meeting Chinese culture head-on!



Shanghai event and info


Shanghai 123 is the go-to event for expatriates arriving to China who want to settle in Shanghai for a small or long period. This event is giving a complete set of indications for newcomers, through a whole panel of presentations concerning various life topics, such as:


· Food safety 食物安全

· Banking in China 金融服务

· Medical System 医疗服务

· Air & Water 空气与水净化

· Repatriation Tips 回国建议

· Travel in China 中国旅游

· Tech and Apps 网络与软件运用

· Work/Family Balance 工作与家庭平衡

· Managing Stress, Anxiety &Transition 压力、焦虑及过渡应对

Yes, you read correctly, there will be an Air & Water presentation, during which our very own Greenwave professional speaker will give you personalized tips and share the company’s great knowledge in terms of water filtration!


Besides Community center and its Shanghai123, for these seeking good sourced info and events to join for what is needed, the following list of organizations and websites could be turned to. They make a good choices for the info needed.


Health and Safety in Shanghai is your best resource for a healthy lifestyle in the city, with a focus on food, water, air and other areas essential to life. A selection of expertly written article will give you a large number of advice and help you make the best decisions accordingly!

Health and Safety in Shanghai 能够为你在上海健康地生活提供全方位的帮助,这个网站致力于聚焦包括食物,水,空气等重要环节。在这里你能够找到涵盖广泛的且非常专业的文章,为你日后的选择提出有效的建议与意见。

ShanghaiMamas is the best place for connecting with international families in Shanghai. The whole community is composed of every nationality possible, with a panel of different professionals and experts in various domains, all aiming to make your Shanghai life better! Great selection of events and advice, a must-see!


The Shanghai Expatriate Association (SEA) is run by volunteers in a non-profit, multinational, member-based organization. To provide a great social and cultural network for expat families in Shanghai is their motto, with approximately 20 events planned each month for the members! Events include parties, introduction to Chinese culture activities and leisure, as well as tips for newcomers!


The German Club in Shanghai is the go-to guide for German expatriates who need help at their arrival. Advice and events, including charity-related ones, are commonly given and organized there!


Brits Abroad is a great community for British-passport holders (at least one per family). This non-profit organization holds various events, both leisurely such as mahjong or book clubs, or charity focused, and are a fantastic place to meet like-minded Brits!


The American Club Shanghai (ACS) is a non-profit social organization whose mission is to provide expatriates in Shanghai a foundation for living in and embracing their new environment. We do so by sharing fundamental tools and information while celebrating the diversity of an international community.



Beijing event and info


Beijing Arrival Survival is focused on helping you to transition your life to Beijing in the smoothest possible way. Thanks to INN Beijing approved social groups and organizations, it acts both as a first introduction to the Beijing lifestyle and important data, and as a very convenient way to meet a lot of new interesting people, who may be your best way to acclimate yourself to the city even more quickly!

北京Arrival Survival这一活动的宗旨就是让你能以更加平稳的状态融入到在北京的生活当中。这一切都要归功于INN这一经认证的社团组织,其主要职责就是能够为远道而来的你带来第一手各种关于在北京生活的资料,并帮助你快速结识一些志同道合和的新朋友,而这些新朋友也将为你在今后的北京生活当中加速你对这个城市的认知。

For Beijing newcomers, the Expat Connection is one organization worth to know, besides the INN and its arrival survival. It is a very complete and focused group of companies whose common goal is to make expatriates and their families lives easier, through a wide range of products and services. Either basic commodities or leisure, the services offered help the expat community in Beijing in many different ways. It constitutes a fantastic start in improving your life, and yes, Greenwave is part of it!

对新到北京的人来说,EXPAT CONNECTION值得了解(简称EC)。它是一个完整和集中的服务组织,其共同目标是通过提供广泛专业的产品和服务,使外籍人士及其家庭生活更便捷。无论是基础商品还是休闲服务,都可以为在北京的外籍人士提供了帮助,并成为改善客户生活的一个良好开始。是的没错,Greeenwave是EC成员之一!


Good info for Guangzhou


As some Guangzhou friend commented, Guangzhou has orientation events as well. However, since the culture is different, no many vendors like Greenwave could be invited to get in for now. So hard for us to share at this moment. But, the following info will be helpful.


An expat explaining briefly life in Guangzhou, with some interested links and a lot of other “settle-in-China” sections on the website:


The GWIC - Guangzhou Women´s International Club – ideal for both women and men who want to find attentive ears to listen to their questions and help them find answers (they are alsoactive on Facebook, type in “GWIC -Guangzhou Women´s International Club”)

GWIC-广州妇女国际俱乐部-一个愿意倾听和帮助所有男女找到答案的组织(当然,他们也活跃在脸书上,在Facebook搜索“GWIC - Guangzhou Women´sInternational Club”即可)

Guangzhou Expat is a platform that wants to help expats in Guangzhou to make the most of their time in this city. To learn, to explore, to have fun, to grow.

Guangzhou Expat是一个很好的平台,旨在帮助生活在当地的外籍人士充分利用所有时间,去学习,探索,享受和成长。


Good info for Shenzhen


Shenzhen is a city we are still excited about providing services in though we still need more understanding toward it. Based on the amount of communication with clients and community pioneers, we realized there are no same events of the above kind, but there is indeed some organization doing similar valuable events.


Shenzhen Green drinks is the top one on the list we know. It has a lot of informative events to organize. They could be searched out at szgreendrinks on wechat while more other useful sources could be read below. ( We know the host's contact and will be happy to share if requested.)


The Shenzhen Women’s International Club is a great place to start asking questions and find like-minded people! With a focus on women,it helps expatriate ladies (and those who have an expatriate spouse) to meetand find common interests! You can find them on Facebook:


Shenzhen Women's International Club


A good Shenzhen site is Now Shenzhen, providing the latest news on the city, events to join and new places todiscover. This is the ideal tool to keep up-to-date information consistently! (The other good ones are Shekou daily and shenzhenparty)

如果你身在深圳,那么Now Shenzhen这个网站是一个非常棒的选择。它将为你提供深圳的各种最新资讯,以及各种在深圳可参加的线下活动和发现这座城市的新去处。这个网站可以让你接收到在深圳的各种第一手资讯(蛇口日报与shenzhen party也都是不错的网站)


About wechat groups


We look forward to meeting you at some of these events if you happen to be in Shanghai or Beijing, and hope you can find every answer to your questions on the various websites. China will provide you with an intense experience and new insights on life, and a good event is definitely a great way to start!


Besides the orientation events and info, we will understand you will want to get into some important wechat groups for a certain purposes or based on a certain communities during your time to settle down. As one way to be closely involved in the communities, Greenwave has been in many quality wechat groups in the cities and will be happy to recommend some if requested.


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