Protection Package For The Travelling Season!

It is Christmas-time and new year will come soon as well. People are spending time with their families for a lovely bonding moment! With the current situation and the constant threat of the Covid-19 looming over the festivities, we feel it is important to protect our faithful customers, especially the ones who might be going back to their home countries or going out for the holidays.


Therefore, we have prepared a special protection package for you, with all the essential protective tools!



Face Masks


Masks are the most common and first defense against air-borne pollutants and therefore air-transmitted viruses. Mandatory these days in the subway orespecially crowded places, they are your best tool to protect yourself, and others.


In our protection package, you will find the boxes of 25 FFP2 masks! FFP2 masks are the ideal ally in your fight against viruses, being reusable for 3-5 days, depending on the intensity of use.


In terms of face masks, there are also disposable masks (medical), FFP1, KN95 and N99 reusable masks. If you need some of them as well, we could provide them for you too and could also arrange the international shipping if needed.



Hand sanitizers


Hand sanitizers are used especially when entering new places or going back to one's house, in order to cleanse the hands from particles that could be harmful to the human organism. Alcohol is a very efficient detergent for this, and it is advised to use hand sanitizer when changing environment, especially when no source of water is at hand to wash hands.


When coming back home, a small touch of hand sanitizer followed by hand washing is the best course of action to prevent viruses and other sicknesses.



Medical Goggles


Goggles protect, well, your eyes. 护目镜,可以保护您的双眼。

Adding goggles helps cover all your mucosal membranes and gives you a more complete protection. While transmission through the eyes is unlikely, infection with COVID-19 is nearly three times more likely without eye protection than with it, according to the NYU Langone Eye Center.



Isolation gowns


Isolation gowns are the ideal complimentary outfit for travelling. They provide the upmost protection for any type of contagious viruses such as the current Covid-19, by not only protecting the owner's person, but their clothes as well.



Protection package


If you are to fly back or out within the coming weeks and still don't have enough of the above listed things, the protection package we prepare will be very helpful which could be seen in the following:


· 1 boxes of 25 FFP2 Masks 1盒25个欧标FFP2口罩

· 1 big bottle and 2 small bottle of hand sanitizers 3瓶洗手液

· 2 pair of adult goggles 2副成人护目镜

· 1 isolation gown 一件防护服

The price of the package without discount would be ¥700, but we offer it to you at a discounted price, for only ¥500!


We hope this special package will help protect you and your loved ones for the winter holiday season, and help you enjoy delicious food and great presents with your family! 希望这个防护套装可以给你您和家人期待的保护,帮助大家无忧尽享欢乐的假期!

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